Business Not As Usual: Chinese Environmental Activists Riot, And More.


If you’re in the business world, here are five recent posts we think you’ll appreciate seeing.  Note the rating system introduced in this post ’roundup’ to help you grab the items  that mesh with your needs in product design, market development, and corporate management systems.  Business “criticality” (C) and “urgency” (U) are each ranked, subjectively, on a scale of 1 through 5, with 5 being the highest, and 1 the lowest. Instructions on how to put the rankings  to use are at the bottom of this post.

  1. TreeHugger’s Brian Merchant reports on anti-pollution riots in China, with  thousands of police confronting angry mobs.  Reminiscent of the late 1960’s in Europe and America’  “What’s next, and how fast will it come?‘  is what businesses who outsource to China need to be thinking.
    Business significance for #1 is U3/C5
  2. What side are we on?‘ is the question senior executives need now to be asking themselves and talking about with corporate counsel.    Read Brian Merchant’s post Will Swing Vote Senators Honor the Interests of Dirty Energy or their Constituents?
    Not convinced?  Catch the latest “Trend Watch” to learn how errant trade group policies on environmental laws can trip up investor and public relations.
    Business significance for #2 is :U5/C5
  3. Renewable energy developers and investors take note: the public sector is getting proactive on siting.  Snooze and you lose.  See Michigan’s Plan To Manage Development Of 322,000 Megawatts Of Offshore Wind Power Potential.
    Business significance for #3 is :U2/C4
  4. Are you in consumer products?  TreeHugger’s audience gets lasting impressions about your brand based on how your contract warehouse sends out parts and replacements.  See More Uncool Packaging Problems – Check Out This Wasteful Receipt
    Business significance for #4 is :U2/C3
  5. Do your top people depend on business newspapers and magazines for their environmental knowledge?  The European study which proclaimed investments in green jobs to be a ‘net negative’ has been busted.  By forwarding this link, you’ll tactfully be suggesting that sources other than WSJ and Forbes, for example, would be helpful. See Dept. of Energy Debunks Anti-Green Jobs Study Once and For All for the details.
    Business significance for #5 is :U3/C3

If your corporate culture is ‘reactive,’ then look for posts where U and C are both ranked greater than, or equal to, 4.  For strategic planning preparation or updates, look at posts where “U” is 3 or more, and criticality 4 or 5. If long range or “scenario” planning is underway, focus on posts with low (1 to 3) urgency and high criticality. And, so on.

You might want to identify the stories that seem to matter most with a unique identifier and plot approximate locations on a 2X2 paper chart – U on y-axis versus C on x-axis.  With this simple plot, you can track how urgency changes with the news changing and spreading and decide when it’s time to act.  This plotting method is also a fairly conventional approach for scenario development.

Ed Note: John Laumer’s Wrap-up of the business side of TreeHugger will be a weekly feature here on 3p. Look for it every Thursday. We’ll be sharing our best material with TreeHugger readers as well.

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