Fall’s New Fashion Trend: Plastic Bottles

Anvil Knitwear Launches New T-Shirt Made From Recycled PET Bottles

AnvilSustainableYesterday, Anvil Knitwear announced the launch of its newest line of eco-friendly apparel: A t-shirt made from plastic bottles. No, this is not some misguided homage to Zoolander’s Dereliqute campaign, but rather an interesting attempt to promote plastic recycling and the conversion to industrial organic cotton farming.

Called the AnvilSustainable, each tee uses approximately three 20-ounce recycled plastic bottles, and the cotton utlized comes from farms that are in the three-year process of transitioning to organic. According to the company, using recycled plastic is also cheaper than using new polyester, so Anvil can pass the savings onto consumers.

“Buying a shirt made with cotton in conversion is a great way to support farmers making the switch, and encourage more to do the same,” said Anthony Corsano, Anvil’s CEO.

Timing Is Everything
The AnvilSustainable tee was timed to debut at MAGIC marketplace, one of the largest apparel trade shows, currently being held in Las Vegas. Anvil Knitwear is the largest domestic purchaser of US-grown certified organic cotton, is the world’s sixth-largest organic program, and as the fashion industry moves to more environmentally friendly practices, the notion that innovative companies can influence larger industry trends is carrying more and more weight. Earlier this year, Fast Company scooped a story about Sears featuring a suit made similarly of recycled PET bottles.

Anvil Knitwear is a member of WRAP, a non-profit organization dedicated to ethical and sustainable material sourcing throughout the world, and boasts 15 eco-friendly items as well as a carbon neutral t-shirt. It will be participating in a panel on the “Future of Sourcing” during the MAGIC show, a discussion on ethical, fair-trade, and organic sourcing around the world. To find out more, check out Anvil‘s website or go to the MAGIC trade show website.

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