Maps Are Worth Ten Thousand Words: Where Cleantech Jobs Are in the US

By Carol McClelland, PhD and author of Green Careers For Dummies

View 101 Cleantech Startups in a larger map

Thanks to the power of Google Maps, organizations that are researching the viability of green jobs and the green economy have a powerful tool at their fingertips. With a bit of data, these organizations are creating maps that show where green companies are located, which provides job searches and green career seekers with a powerful tool.

In this map, you see a map of 101 Cleantech start ups with distinctive icons that indicate which 12 clean tech industries they represent. Hover over the icon and some summary information about the company including what the business focus is, who the key players are, where their funding is coming from and links to blog posts about the company. (If you want to see more details, click on the link below the map and check out the left side of the page to see the companies that fit under each of the following categories.)

Finding a map like this can ramp up your general understanding of your field and give your job search a new focus. Use this map, and maps like it, to:

  • Identify potential future employers in your area. Although start ups may not be ready to hire you now, they are certainly worth watching. When they are ready to go to market, you’ll be well aware of what they do, who they are, and the journey they’ve taken to get there.
  • Determine who to watch for in your local media. Even if the company is not in your target industry area, you can still learn from them. How is your community covering their progress? What hurdles are they facing? What successes are they having? With the interdependent nature of the green economy you never know when something that is happening in another industry will have an important role in the development of your industry. You may even see the opportunity to partner with a growing company to provide them with a solution to a problem they face.
  • Pinpoint other companies that may benefit by the existence of this company in your area. Will suppliers and vendors benefit? Will the company become a big player that will need a strong infrastructure? Will the company’s waste become an input from another industry that will then thrive? It’s all about connecting the dots!

If Cleantech isn’t your target sector, check out other maps at or the Apollo Alliance.

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Carol McClelland, PhD, the author of Green Careers For Dummies (available January 2010), is the founder and executive director of Green Career Central, an online resource for professionals who are searching for the best way to use their skills in the green economy.

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