Maryland’s Smith School Launches Center for Social Value Creation

By Deepa Janakiraman


Two hundred and fifty students, industry experts, entrepreneurs, professors and social value creators came together at Ronald Reagan Building in Washington today for the grand launch of Center for Social Value Creation (csvc) at Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Dean Anand introduced the center with a comment that “In the business school we have a responsibility to create responsible leaders”. Although he commented the school is a little behind in starting the center, he promptly recognized that the students and faculty are already creating social value by many means -Especially via involvement with Net Impact, Smith School Energy Club, CIBER, Green, sustainable and social corporate responsibility clubs and more.

Today’s forum on leadership for a better world will be covered by three current University of Maryland students here on 3p, check back for updates throughout the day.

Deepa Janakiraman is a MBA student at Robert H. Smith School and works at Booz Allen Hamilton as an associate. An avid traveler and photographer and writes travel blogs at

The posts on this page are contributed by students from the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business in conjunction with the newly launched Center for Social Value Creation. The center's mission is to develop leaders with a deep sense of individual responsibility and the knowledge to use business as a vehicle for social change. These posts are a way to continue the dialogue outside of the classroom and share the viewpoints of Smith students on the challenges and opportunities of triple bottom line thinking.

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  1. Social value creators?
    I am sorry, but the last value created on humanity was lost about two and a half milleniuns ago.
    Not even Jesus has been able to create, on society, social midia, love as a value.
    Sorry by the comment, but I believe the expression is way over mentionned.
    I support, though, the idea of putting those special people, the ones qualified for the title of value creators, to work. Hard. It is not easy to change values.

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