Seth Goldman, Honest Tea: Take Risks, Be Honest

By Deepa Janakiraman Seth Goldman, a social entrepreneur based out of Bethesda MD, kicked off the Center for Social Value Creation Forum at Smith School of Business with the right spirit. Goldman, after his MBA from Yale, worked at Calvert group for couple of years. Calvert group is a socially responsible investment company that invests … Continued

Thomas Schelling: A Marshall Plan for Climate Change?

By: Scott Shuffield The global warming debate is over.  Now the argument moves to solving the crisis of climate change.  Though often referred to in the context of “global warming,” the issues of climate change don’t just involve “warming” around the world but rather a general instability that could lead to innumerable negative externalities.   During … Continued

Paul C. Light on Social Entrepreneurship – Learning What We Don’t Know

By John Comberiate Speaking at the Leadership for a Better World – Creating Social Value through Innovation Conference, Paul C. Light set out to define what it is to be a Social Entrepreneur.  Lack of clarity in the term often creates conflict between groups that feel they have been promoting social values throughout their existence … Continued

Rosabeth Moss Kanter Speaks about “ValueCorp”

By John Comberiate As mentioned by Scott Shuffield this morning, during the Leadership for a Better World, Creating Social Value through Innovation Conference at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington, DC, Rosabeth Moss Kanter spoke about the ideas behind her book, SocialCorp.  The book focuses on what is needed for large companies to remain competitive … Continued

Thanks to Triple Pundit’s Sponsors

We’re lucky to have some really great sponsors here at 3p. In the case of the many organizations and companies we work with, we’d choose to support regardless of the nature of our relationship. By sponsoring, these organizations invest in our ability to continue to publish great content and continue to build the 3p movement. … Continued

Business Not As Usual: Apple Polishing; Footprint Verification, & More

Apple has responded to years of NGO pressure tactics by posting life cycle inventory (LCI) study findings on its website. Such studies generally offer low business value and generate little consumer interest outside a small audience of the most eco-savvy. (Anyone seen peer reviewed, published evidence that  life cycle inventory contributes to a business bottom … Continued

What Makes a Business “Social”?

By: Scott Shuffield “Service to society, guided by well-articulated values, is not just ‘nice to do’ but an integral part of the business models for companies.” – from SuperCorp: How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth, and Social Good by Rosabeth Moss Kanter Years ago, Sam Palmisano, CEO of IBM, told the board of directors … Continued

Maryland’s Smith School Launches Center for Social Value Creation

By Deepa Janakiraman Two hundred and fifty students, industry experts, entrepreneurs, professors and social value creators came together at Ronald Reagan Building in Washington today for the grand launch of Center for Social Value Creation (csvc) at Robert H. Smith School of Business. Dean Anand introduced the center with a comment that “In the business … Continued

Zumbox Is Not Another BS “Paperless” Mail Option. Here’s Why.

I have to admit, when my friend Rob Reed of Max Gladwell first told me about Zumbox, the “Paperless Postal System,” I didn’t get it. How was it different then, say, Earth Class Mail and other digitized mail services? How many of the many companies I get mail from would actually participate? So when I … Continued

Armageddon Energy: Taking the Pain Out of Home Solar Systems

By Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact When you think of installing a solar system on your home, what is the first thought that comes to mind?  It will cost too much?  It will be complicated to install?  Or perhaps, you like the idea, but think solar panels are ugly? A new start-up Armageddon Energy is working … Continued

At Columbia Sportswear, Reused Packaging Has Story to Tell

The packaging industry is really charging forward with all sorts of innovative, recyclable materials these days, but one of the best and easiest ways to make packaging sustainable is to simply reuse it.  That’s what Columbia Sportswear is doing as part of its recently-launched ecommerce program. Six weeks ago, the Portland, Ore.-based outdoor clothing company … Continued

Age of Stupid Inspires UK Campaign to Dramatically Cut Emissions

The Age of Stupid was more than just a disturbing film -— for many it was a serious call to action. At a September launch in Great Britain, Age of Stupid Director Franny Armstrong unveiled the 10:10 Campaign to great fanfare at the Tate Museum, with thousands of individuals and businesses promising to cut their … Continued

Stockholm and IBM Drive Intelligent Transport

Intelligent transport seems more like an oxymoron than a green transportation initiative, especially in the U.S., but with impetus from IBM there are positive results to report on two fronts: city congestion and pollution. The controversial debate about using taxes and fees to control wasteful driving habits while helping the environment could enter a new … Continued

Omni Enviro Claims Magentization Decreases Irrigation Use

Irrigation systems treated with magnets to make water use more efficient sounds rather like science fiction. However, an Australian company, Omni Enviro LLC created a system which uses magnetization to decrease water use on farmland. They claim this occurs through a device called the Agricultural H20 Energizer that is installed at an irrigation source. The … Continued

Principal Power Is Ready For Deep Water Wind Farms

Deep waters are the best place for offshore wind-farms, but it is very expensive to build a foundation to support wind turbines in waters deeper than 70 feet. Enter the start-up company, Principal Power. The company developed a floating foundation, the Wind Float, which allows offshore wind turbines in deep waters. The WindFloat, according to … Continued