“Perfect Flush” Retrofits Toilets for Two Level Flushing

Can you spot the water saving device?
Can you spot the water saving device?
Everyone knows the trite toilet water conservation mantra involving letting yellow mellow and flushing brown down, but it’s very hard to start a piece on toilet water conservation without evoking it (plus it really helps you visualize conservation!)  But while this strategy works great at public restrooms and sports stadiums (they are going to smell “yellow” no matter what), it might not always be optimal for businesses like boutique hotels. Which is where the Perfect Flush from a company called Brondell comes into play.

The idea behind the device is so simple and commonsensical (apparently this really is a word) that it amazes me it isn’t employed more often: Why do we always use a full – number 2 -flush when majority of our porcelain visits only require a half flush (a.k.a number 1 flush)?  Wouldn’t it be great if toilets could be retrofitted to allow you to chose a half flush?

Well, now they can.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner – or you happen to use toilets in a home or a business – then the Perfect Flush is a no-brainer.  Why would you use up to 50% more water than you need to be using?  Hotel Griffon in San Francisco realized how idiotic it was to be using way more water than they needed, so they installed the device in their guest rooms.

Not only does this prove to the hotel’s customers that they are serious about conservation, but it also saves the hotel money on a very important natural resource; especially one whose main purpose is to support life on this planet and prevent us from dehydrating.

If you’re in the market for a new toilet, then check out a dual-flush.  If you’re just into retrofitting your toilets to a dual-flush system for a fraction of the cost of a new one, then check out the Perfect Flush.  In any case, quit using a size 2 flush when all you need is a size 1!

Chris is a graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Chris has worked in many industrial settings including the only U.S. BMW manufacturing plant and a nuclear power plant. Since graduating in 2006, he has been selling industrial automation and electrical control products to manufacturers in Georgia. This has enabled him to see many manufacturing processes and witness how energy is used in industrial settings. Chris is a huge believer in active Energy Management and the power of Sustainable Manufacturing (although he is surprised at how few companies are doing either of these). In the Spring of 2009 Chris started Mapawatt Blog, which focuses on practical energy and water conservation techniques that the individual can utilize in their home and business. He believes that the only way Sustainable practices will take root in our society and reach a tipping point is if individuals take action and become "sustainability preachers" to their friends, family and co-workers.

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  1. I agree. It’s one of those things that is so easy to do, yet there has been no leadership at a government or business level demanding it. When water is so cheap, it’s hard to convince people it is worth conserving. Hopefully the water issues that are occurring in CA will help spur the market to adopt this technology.

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