TckTckTck: Big Deal Around Hopes for a Big Climate Deal

OxfamEastAsia_Bangkok2Let’s all start counting down with TckTckTck in preparation for what promises to be a seminal event in achieving, at some point sooner rather than later in our lifetimes, a binding global agreement on climate change.

Maybe it’s too soon or already too late; maybe there are too many naysayers and “yes, buts” poised for action out there; maybe there are too many well-heeled political and corporate self-interests hard at work to expect anything really meaningful to come from the United Nations Climate Change Conference that starts Dec. 7 in Copenhagen.

But this is one confab that can’t be allowed to come and go without a major effort to stem the climate change tide. It might be a last-ditch effort. The forces on the side of getting real and getting something real done have banded together under the TckTckTck banner.

TckTckTck officials kicked-off its 100 days countdown to Copenhagen campaign last weekend.

“The time is now,” says the diverse Tck alliance of about 22 partners (and nearly 1 million individuals) comprising faith groups, unions, environmental and humanitarian organizations, including Greenpeace, Oxfam, Kofi Annan’s Global Humanitarian Forum, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Amnesty International, Brazil’s Vitae Civilis, the International Institute for Environment and Development and the World Wide Fund for Nature.

TckTckTck Chair Kumi Naidoo says the campaign is an “unprecedented alliance…we believe that only by working together in a broad alliance will we have the size, power and influence to ensure a good deal in Copenhagen.”

The idea is to build momentum to achieve a comprehensive and binding climate change agreement in Copenhagen.

“Today, millions of people are already suffering because of climate change,” Annan, a campaign co-founder and President of the Global Humanitarian Forum, says. “Although developing countries did not cause the climate crisis, poor nations are suffering the most as unpredictable weather patterns and the increase in natural disasters affects access to food, water and shelter. We must end the deathly silence around this crisis because it is a major impediment for international action. Those helping raise awareness of the crisis through journalism should be praised for doing so, especially as December’s international climate talks in Copenhagen approach.”

A good practice run will occur later this month during Climate Week in New York City, when the TckTckTck campaign will join the United Nations, the UN Foundation, the City of New York, The Climate Group and the Carbon Disclosure Project in organizing Climate Week NYC, Sept 18-25. Climate Week NYC events “will demonstrate massive support for an ambitious, fair and binding international climate change treaty in Copenhagen in December,” says TckTckTck.

However Copenhagen ultimately unfolds the TckTckTck campaign could tip the balance to success. It’s more than worth the try. The impacts of climate change are mounting and the estimates of the economic costs of climate change are rapidly escalating. Experts say there is still time to put us on a path to a better world – but time is not on our side.

Copenhagen can succeed if the world’s largest mandate for action can’t be ignored.

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