Unilever Cool on Warm Ice Cream?

melting-ice-creamIt seems Unilever is not so hot about warm ice cream after all.

Or perhaps it is but is not ready to talk about it, or loathe to give anything away at the moment.

Despite a host of news reports and some coy quotes from a company spokesperson to the contrary, the world’s largest ice cream maker says it is not currently developing room temperature, or ambient, ice cream that would result in a low carbon storage, handling and shipping footprint.

Foodnavigator.com reported the Unilever denial – from another spokesperson perhaps –  that its scientists, along with Cambridge University researchers are involved in a program to develop ambient ice cream.

The Unilever spokesperson told FoodNavigator.com following recent reports in The Times of London and this space that ambient ice cream is “something we are aware of, but we have no plans to develop this kind of product.”

Usually where there’s smoke there’s fire or in this case warmth. While the quote seems definitive, it’s also typical corporate-speak that’s perhaps more targeted to its competitors than its consumers.

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