Transit and Trails: Connecting People to Nature on Public Transit

Don’t own a car, but want to get out to one of the Bay Area’s hundreds of parks and trails? Or perhaps, you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint and wondering how to get to your favorite hike without using your car? Transit and Trails is a new resource for outdoor enthusiasts who want … Continued

Eco-rate Aids Eco-Minded Buyers

It’s a Consumer Reports or CNET type of comparison shopping service for the eco-conscious crowd. Eco-rate is the brainchild and a labor of environmental love and activism founded by a Seattle couple, Brycelaine Self and Colby Self. “The Eco-rate idea is to allow people to compare common household products, based not only on their green … Continued

We Need More Lobbyists! And Other Insights From Solar Power International

To gain an overall picture of the solar power industry today imagine David and Goliath, with valiant David representing solar, and Goliath the big, bad fossil fuels. Then imagine David’s sling shot is subsidized by the federal government. At Solar Power International, the solar trade show that ran wrapped up yesterday in Anaheim, CA, the … Continued

What Really Matters in Clean Technology, or “The Spark Plug Guy”

I attended a panel discussion Wednesday night at UC Irvine on the future of the automobile, part of OCTANe‘s clean tech program. There was a series of presentations on hybrids, plug in hybrids, all-electric vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles, from some of the most respected names in advanced automotive design, representing some of the world’s … Continued

Finisterre Finds Best Path to Staying Warm and Dry Is to Act Like an Otter

On any given day, you’re likely to find a small team of product designers, material developers and scrappy marketers holed up in a converted mine building in the town of St. Agnes on the North Cornwall coast—unless, of course, the surf is good. At those times, you’re more likely to see these folks, who operate … Continued

Cash Cows: Vermont Dairy Farm Converts Cattle Manure into Electricity

A Vermont dairy farm is producing something other than milk.  Earlier this month, state officials were on hand to visit Vermont’s newest methane facility.  Westminster Farms Inc.,  along with Green Mountain Power (GMP), have been working together in an on-site plant that converts methane gas released from cow manure into electricity. Cow manure is one … Continued

“Harmless” Packaging – Something We Can All Buzz About

By John Comberiate Harmless Enough? An up and coming low impact packaging idea comes from the British company “Harmless“.  Everyone’s received a magazine covered in a plastic bag in the mail at some point in their lives.  Everyone has shipped a delicately packed box with a fragile treasure inside meant for a close friend or … Continued

Why Having More Won’t Make Us Happy

As a financial adviser, I regularly meet the “haves and have-mores.” One thing I have learned for sure: Having more does not necessarily mean having more happiness. Barbara Walters interviewed billionaire media mogul David Geffen in a conversation published in More Than Money magazine: “She said, ‘O.K., David, now that you’re a billionaire, are you … Continued

Copenhagen and the Art of the Possible

by Kate Eyler-Werve, Senior Outreach Strategist, Saatchi & Saatchi S Word on the street is that the Copenhagen climate change talks will not result in a treaty this year. Most of the reactions I’ve seen tend to fall into two camps: “this delay is the triumph of Evil Corporate Interests™ over the common good” and … Continued

What About the People?

By Brahm Ahmadi Ecological economics is a transdisciplinary field of study that addresses the complex interconnectedness of human systems and natural ecosystems. Unlike neoclassical economics, which is preoccupied with the value-free idea of efficiency, ecological economics focuses on the economy as a subsystem of the ecosystem, and emphasizes the natural limits of our planet in … Continued

Democratization of Electricity: Are You a Public Utility?

In typical Kennedy-esque fashion Robert Jr. delivered a liberal-environmentalist stem winder from the main stage at Solar Power International this morning, pillorying the coal and oil industries (“carbon cronies”), and calling for the “democratization” of electric power. He was largely referring to the perceived lobbyist-led stranglehold fossil fuels have on power production. But later in … Continued

EDF Climate Corps Makes the Business Case for Energy Efficiency Investments

Energy efficiency. It’s the cheapest, fastest, and cleanest energy resource available to your business today. Sure, rooftop solar panels and on-site wind turbines may seem like the epitome of ultra-green chic right now. But, whatever energy efficiency lacks in “glitz,” it more than makes up for in bottom-line benefits. It’s simple: reducing your company’s energy … Continued

Organic Farming and the Future of Food

By Laura Klein Sustainable agriculture is the fastest-growing sector of the food industry. On the other hand, less than 1% of American cropland is farmed organically. In light of this conundrum, what keeps the organic farmer going? I spoke with Richard Wiswall, author of The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook: A Complete Guide Managing Finances, Crops, … Continued

Hunter Lovins Speaks On Climate Change Action and Revamping the Economy

“Whatever you do, please take action…if we are going to solve this one [climate change], it’s going to require all of us,” Hunter Lovins said while speaking on October 21 at Bard Center for Environmental Policy’s National Climate Seminar. The founder and president of Natural Capitalism Solutions, and a founding professor of business at the … Continued