Best Buy’s Environmental Efforts


Best Buy Co. Inc, the world’s largest electronics store chain, has several programs that allow its customers to recycle appliances and electronics. In February, the company introduced a recycling program at 1,000 of its stores which accepts most televisions and monitors up to 32 inches, laptops, VCRs, DVD players, cell phones, keyboards, and remotes. Best Buy stores also contain recycling kiosks which accept ink cartridges, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, CDs, DVDs, PDAs/smart phones, and gift cards.

Best Buy will pick up an appliance or television from a customer’s home after a new product is bought and delivered by Best Buy. For $100 Best Buy will pick up appliances or televisions from customers who have not made a purchase. The company, in addition, has a trade-in program where customers can bring in electronics for a gift card.

Achieving LEED certification and joining Ceres

Best Buy’s new store prototype achieved pre-LEED certification last year. Seven stores that opened last February were built according to the prototype’s design. Two Best Buy stores (in New Jersey and Illinois) were designed and built the past year according to LEED standards. In March, the New Jersey store earned a LEED silver certification. The majority of new stores to be built during fiscal year 2010 are expected to achieve LEED certification.

Last month, Best Buy joined Ceres, a national coalition which works with companies to address sustainability issues. There currently are more than 80 companies in Ceres. Brian Dunn, Best Buy’s CEO, said of joining Ceres, “We see endless opportunities for our business to embrace more sustainable business practices, and to provide consumers with the information they need to sustainably use technology in their own lives.”

“We recognize Best Buy’s leadership and believe their interest in deepening engagement with employees, customers and other stakeholders positions the company to significantly advance its sustainability goals,” said Mindy Lubber, president, Ceres. “Ceres looks forward to directly engaging with Best Buy to extend its transparency and disclosure and to bring sustainability product services and solutions to the market.”

Green Your Phone

Best Buy’s Green Your Phone program allows cell phone users to offset their phone’s electricity use with wind energy by purchasing $10 cards which represent 500 kilowatt hours of renewable energy credits (RECs). The company claims it is enough to offset the production and use of two cell phones for two years. Renewable Choice Energy developed the program which began last November. Renewable Choice Energy guarantees a certain amount of electricity is added to the national power grid from renewable energy sources.

“GREEN YOUR PHONE provides our customers with a tangible way to support renewable energy,” said Scott Moore, VP of Marketing, Best Buy Mobile. “We are dedicated to providing our customers a better choice of phones, networks and accessories and this offering further extends that promise.”

“For the past several years businesses have increasingly embraced the renewable energy credits to help grow our country’s clean power infrastructure,” said Quayle Hodek, founder and CEO of Renewable Choice Energy. “GREEN YOUR PHONE is a way for forward-thinking consumers to join this effort and help drive the growth of wind power, helping to reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels.”

“Wind power is the cleanest and fastest-growing renewable energy source. In fact we’ve seen record growth of wind power production in this country over the last three years, undoubtedly due in part to the voluntary commitments of businesses and consumers,” added Hodek. “Creating awareness of the importance of renewable energy with products such as GREEN YOUR PHONE is another step in the right direction.”

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  1. I have been an employee of Best Buy fir one year now and was one of the managers hired to launch a grand opening of a store in my town. I must say that Best Buy is one of the worse companies I have ever worked for when it comes to the environment! They throw away literally thousands of pieces of paper, metal, plastic,glass etc all into the same bins daily! Just because they have propaganda stating they are friendly to the environment dies not mean they are. It only looks good on paper. I personally was forced to throw away mass amounts of unused shelving, wood as well as other materials during grand opening. When I asked why we don’t just ship the unused, still wrapped in plastic materials back to the depot I was told “That’s not how Best buy does it” by the project manager. I am disgusted with their lies and impact to the environment. Best buy us “Best Lie”.

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