Business Not As Usual: Eyes On The Electric Vehicle Market…& More

  1. Rocky Mountain Institute just rolled out another one of its typically fascinating crystal balls – one which gives a glimpse into the future of electric vehicles.  Is yours one of the many businesses looking for opportunities in a booming electrical vehicle market?  Timing will be everything.  If your firm wants to catch the wave, or is just thinking about it,  have a look at What Will It Take to Get EVs on the Road (Really) Business significance: U3/C5
  2. According to a very recent Pew poll, “only 36% of respondents thought that global warming was caused by human activity.” That 36%, however, includes a vocal minority of NGOs and progressive industrialists who have a proven track record  of influencing elected officials to take actions favorable to their interests.  Read the survey details in Just 57% of US Residents See Evidence of Global Warming & 23% Know About Cap-and-Trade Business significance: U2/C5
  3. Ever think of  your company getting credit for significant greenhouse gas emission reductions just by lowering water use? You should; real GHG emission reductions might be an unseen (secondary) benefit of water conservation goals.  Where your operations are located will be key to how significant the reduction will be. See Conserving Water Lowers Greenhouse Gas Footprint – Significantly Business significance: U3/C3

Following the example of our first, and introductory, weekly roundup from TreeHugger, Business Not As Usual: Chinese Environmental Activists Riot, And More, business “criticality” (C) and “urgency” (U) are each ranked above, subjectively, on a scale of 1 through 5, with 5 being the highest, and 1 the lowest. See that intro post for instructions on how to put the rankings to use.

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