Business Not As Usual: Sorghum Burning At Coal Plants, And More


  1. It’s not unusual to encounter wood-fired biomass power plants. Utilities in Europe and the USA currently  add wood to the coal boilers.  Here’s a new tactic for  biomass burning. A large Louisiana coal-fired generator is planting a food crop as well as switch grass to do some trial burns.  There are permitting and Cap & Trade issues worth contemplating.  See Coal-Fired Power Generator To Supplement Boiler Feed With Switchgrass And Sorghum for details.  Business significance rating: Urgency 2, and Criticality 4. (U2/C4).
  2. This week’s announcement that Obama Gives EPA the Go-Ahead to Regulate Greenhouse Gases put’s Congress in a headlock over a climate bill.  Unless Congress pre-empts, large stationary sources will feel the heat. Business significance: U5/C5.
  3. A well-designed green roof can be an appreciated employee amenity.  Instead of running out of the office, lunch on the rooftop will keep productivity up.  See Green Roofs Help Fill Buildings: Good for Business As Well as the Environment, for details. Make sure yours has WiFi. Business significance: U1/C3.
  4. Does your company have a policy on safe use of cellular communications for employees who drive as a normal job duty?  Is it enforced? Communications-distracted drivers have emerged as a massive safety problem.  See Working, Talking and Texting While Driving: Something’s Got To Give for an overview.  Business significance: U4/C4.
  5. If your company does any kind of hard-copy publishing at all, even training  and maintenance manuals, I’d get in line to do some prototype testing of Apple’s new tablet device. Just so I could evaluate what the future will bring and begin innovating around that new direction. See Apple’s Tablet to Take Over Textbooks, Magazines, Newspapers.  Business significance: U2/C5.
  6. Working on a proprietary or ‘self-declared’ corporate green label.  You might consider saving some money by tabling the labeling.  For 400 reasons why, see: Can 400 Green Labels Do Anything But Confuse The World’s Consumers? Business significance: U3/C3.

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