Coming Up: Day of Action, Is Business Aboard?

Bill McKibben’s climate action group, has rallied together an astonishing 4600+ events of all shapes and sizes in close to 200 countries to raise awareness of climate change tomorrow – October 24 – in a globally staged call to action. I’ve been riding the California coast with my colleagues and will be rolling into San Francisco just in time to catch the main event.

What’s the point? To imprint the number “350” into the cultural consciousness – according to scientists it’s the right parts-per-million that we need in our atmosphere in order to retain a stable climate, avoiding the worst aspects of climate change. Right now we’re at 387ppm.

MBA Students at the Presidio Graduate School get wet for climate change
MBA Students at the Presidio Graduate School get wet for climate change

But how are businesses getting involved?

Although there’s a feel-good marketing aspect, some companies have really pulled out the stops to make sure customers, employees and other stakeholders get some solid exposure to importance of 350.

The North Face has pulled out all the social media stops, with a massive Flickr feed of 350 related photos featuring employees, a facebook overhaul and a youtube extravaganza that would make a studio proud.

Whole Foods plans a clever contest in which their employees will artistically arrange produce in stores to spell out 350 – presumably with a well rehearsed explanation for curious customers.

Across the bay in Berkeley, Clif Bar has put together an entire cyclo cross team with climate change as their raisin d’etre and 350 as the theme.

MBA Students at the Presidio Graduate School got their feet wet – literally – by staging a photo in the Bay proclaiming their support for the 350 cause.

What are you doing? Check out for more info about local events in your area.

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Nick holds an MBA in sustainable management from the Presidio School of Management and graduated with a BA in History from Washington University in St. Louis.

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  1. There are almost 4000 actions happening in 161 different countries in support of 350’s ( International Day of Climate Action (10/24)!

    Take action from your own home by watching Artful Change’s Carbon-Neutral Online Benefit Concert. Enjoy the free show and donate to the cause by purchasing MP3s and artwork from the website.

    All proceeds from these sales will go to benefit Energy Action Coalition, a coalition of 50 environmental and social justice organizations fighting for a movement towards clean energy:

    Watch the concert now:

  2. Small efforts often lead to more efforts and sometimes greater efforts. And pretty soon, each of us is a part of the solution in our own way. And best of all, most of the time it’s fun.

    In the course of planning this climate action I have experienced the power of taking action – like a pebble falling in water, the ripples never stop reaching out.

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