EDF Climate Corps Makes the Business Case for Energy Efficiency Investments

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Energy efficiency. It’s the cheapest, fastest, and cleanest energy resource available to your business today.

Sure, rooftop solar panels and on-site wind turbines may seem like the epitome of ultra-green chic right now. But, whatever energy efficiency lacks in “glitz,” it more than makes up for in bottom-line benefits. It’s simple: reducing your company’s energy consumption is a sure-fire way to cut costs and lower your GHG emissions, as well.

Need proof? Take a look at the outcomes recently reported by the Environmental Defense Fund’s 2009 Climate Corps.

The EDF Climate Corps program places MBA students from top-ranking business schools in leading companies where they make the business case for energy efficiency investments in office buildings and data centers.

According to the EDF, the 2009 class of 26 Climate Corps fellows uncovered efficiencies in lighting, computer equipment and heating and cooling systems that could:

• Save more than $54 million in net operational costs over the lifetime of the projects;
• Cut the equivalent of 160 million kilowatt hours of energy use annually—enough to power 14,000 homes;
• Avoid 100,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year—equivalent to taking more than 12,000 SUVs off the road.

Granted, those benefits won’t be realized unless the companies participating in the program actually implement the Climate Corps’ recommendations. But, so far, the track record of the program is impressive. Last year, the inaugural class of Climate Corps fellows identified projects that could save 120 million kWh of energy. To date, projects that account for 97 percent of that potential energy savings have either been completed or are in implementation at the 2008 host companies, the EDF says.

How much could your company save? You’ll learn by hosting a Climate Corps fellow at your company next year. Find out how here.

For even more information, visit the Climate Corps website and watch this short video clip featuring 2009 Climate Corps fellows and their host companies (Intuit, Cisco Systems and Yahoo):

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