Fisker Automotive Buying Closed GM Plant To Produce Plug-in Hybrids

General Motors (GM) closed its Wilmington, Delaware plant in July, leaving 550 active employees out of work, and another 500 laid-off hourly workers without the hope of being called back to work. Vehicle manufacturing used to be Delaware’s second largest private employer. Perhaps it will be again. Fisker Automotive announced on October 27 it signed … Continued

Solar Conference Opening Coincides with Obama Stroll Through the PV Panels

In an example of either great timing, or a degree of scheduling cooperation that would be the envy of any trade conference, Solar Power International, the largest solar energy conference in the county, kicked off the same day as the Obama administration and its allies began a concerted push for a climate legislation package in … Continued

Facing Reality in Copenhagen

The days grow short and with it the time left to lay a foundation that leads to an international climate treaty to which all nations – rich and poor, north and south – can agree. As Copenhagen braces for an influx of delegates, press, policy experts, and leaders from all corners of the globe this … Continued

Solar in the Developing World: Potential and Pessimism

Amongst the seminars with titles like “The Real Value of Distributed Generation,” and “Innovations in Inverters and System Controllers,” at Solar Power International, one stood out as perhaps having a little more interest to the general reader: “Solar Opportunities in the Developing World.” As anyone who has ever looked into buying a residential solar power … Continued

Jack Hidary On PACE To $400 Billion

PACE is a program where a city borrows money to lend to property owners for investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Loaned funds are paid back over 20 years through property tax payments. The program started in California and through the efforts of Hidary and the PaceNOW coalition it is now allowed in 15 states.

US Chamber Will See Yes Men In Court

If you are a fan of the Yes Men, you probably ought to go see their newly released movie, The Yes Men Fix The World.  Multiple times.  With all of your friends and family.  The Yes Men will need all of the backing they can get, financial and otherwise, to fight a lawsuit filed by … Continued

Let’s Talk About Failure: Lessons to Learn from FailCon

I find people most endearing when they speak with humility and honesty about things they’d rather not have you know.  FailCon was an amazing day of just that – successful people describing how they failed, rather than how great they are.  Here I’ll summarize my key learnings on running a successful start-up for all of … Continued

Five Start-up Mistakes Not to Make, Courtesy of Meebo

I’m writing from FailCon today which is shaping up to be an excellent use of a Tuesday.  I have a lot of opinions about conferences and two of the things I look for in a conference are that speakers are forced to prepare relevant, thoughtful content beforehand.  And the dress is casual.  FailCon meets both … Continued

GreenBeat Call for Submissions: Got a Smart Grid Killer App?

Renovating the power grid requires big ideas from start-ups, major technology companies, manufacturers, and university labs. Innovations will range from technologies that increase the grid’s capabilities and efficiency, to new business models that will bring the Smart Grid into fruition. The GreenBeat 2009 Innovation Competition is seeking the best ideas for making the Smart Grid … Continued

Employee Engagement: AngelPoints and Saatchi S Launch New PSP Tool

As part of a corporate sustainability strategy, there is a growing trend to engage employees on multiple levels, both at work and at home. More and more companies are providing their employees advice and tips on how to green their personal lives. But a key challenge is how to measure and track the benefits of … Continued

Smart Choice Label Fails Industry, Consumers, FDA

On Friday, the highly controversial Smart Choice food labeling program announced it will voluntarily “postpone active operations” three days after the FDA unveiled its plans to review any health claims displayed on the front of food packaging. While this means there will temporarily be no new processed junk food added to the list of “smart … Continued

Solar Power International Draws Record Numbers, Reflecting Industry Momentum

Despite the the poor economy, Solar Power International, the planet’s largest solar industry conference, expects record attendance of about 25,000 this year, according to Rhone Resch, President and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). That new record reflect solar power’s growing importance in this country, as the United States wakes up to the … Continued

Your Fantastic Sustainability Business Plan: Four Areas of Focus

Today, many companies acknowledge that they can play a significant role in addressing climate change and sustainability in general.  Some have even begun proactively beating a path to transform their businesses, reaching for lofty goals such as zero waste, carbon neutrality, or even restoration of degraded ecosystems.  Most, however, are only just starting to figure … Continued

Mitsubishi Chemical Uses the Sun to Chill Out Trucks

Somehow it’s a fitting juxtaposition: using solar power to cool down. Mitsubishi Chemical has developed a solar technology system that enables solar cells to power air conditioning units in the cabin of trucks, according to reports from Kyodo News International and BusinessGreen. The result: reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Japan’s biggest chemical manufacturer, based … Continued

Can Michelle Obama Help Reduce Soda Consumption?

Americans love soda, or pop, as it is called in some parts of the country. The love affair is one that is helping produce overweight and obese children, as a recent study by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research (CHPR) and the California Center for Public Health Advocacy (CCPHA) points out. Perhaps there is … Continued