Opportunity Green Swag Report: Bamboo Utensils, Billboard Bags & Kor Water

Opportunity Green is off to a roaring start with some of the most thoughtful and engaging speakers in green business today. We’ll have an interview with Proctor & Gamble’s Len Sauers, thoughts on Hopenhagen, the LED revolution, a host of other reports soon.

But first things first: Most conferences come with a bag full of useless trinkets and paper which almost immediately winds up in the trash. This being a green-thinking conference, real effort was made to ensure this was not the case, and today’s sponsored goody bags are a great showcase of innovation.

The bags themselves, by Sue Rigler’s new company, AdVinylize, are made of upcycled advertisements and other promotional material. I got a chance to talk to Sue during our epic 500 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles this week…

Sue’s product offers outdoor advertisers a responsible post-life alternative to ad campaigns at the end of their life. AdVinylize diverts waste to create bags and other products for trade shows and other large-scale purposes. What’s especially nice about today’s bag is that it’s tough enough and big enough to work great for future grocery missions, which is exactly what this one’s going to wind up being used for.

Inside the bag was a lot of notable material, but Kor water’s sexy no-BPA bottle was one of the bigger hits. The last thing I need is another water bottle, so I actually declined to take one, but what’s interesting about Kor is twofold: First the company is actively trying to reintroduce the long lost art of filling your “hydration vessel” at a (gasp!) tap and carrying your water with you. Why this is something that has to be re-taught to people is outside the scope of this post, but suffice it to say, sexy marketing and a host of (coming soon) social media promotion – including an iphone app that locates and rates fresh water sources will do wonders for a population at large who still buys water in bottles imported from Fiji.

Last but not least, the conference included a nice little set of bamboo utensils from To Go Ware in a handy pouch you can carry with you. Significantly, no utensils were provided at lunch – bring your pouch or you’re out of luck.

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  1. You must have missed the Trash Talking messages in the bathrooms at the show — we were giving out PeopleTowels, reusable personal hand towels that, when used instead of paper towels, will save trees, reduce landfill waste and conserve water. (The Japanese, who are well ahead of the US in all things sustainability and arguably fashion, have been using personal towels for decades.) PeopleTowels launches in December.

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