Business Not As Usual: FTC Proposes Multi-Attribute Label For Light Bulbs, CFL’s First

Lighting Facts Label proposal example from FTC

  1. After a lengthy hiatus from its early 1980’s guideline on green product declarations and advertising, the US Federal Trade Commission [now] Proposes CFL Labels For Light Output, Color, Mercury, & More.  The FTC’s draft proposed rule, should it become final close to its present form (see above example for one of the possible label layouts), is likely to set a precedent affecting other consumer product sectors and, eventually, make third party verifications of environmental claims a standard procedure. Business significance: U2/C5
  2. You may have heard of the “Climate Gate” conspiracy theories brewing over the ‘private’ emails hackers stole from a European climate research center and then made public. In another decidedly unscientific climate policy development, the Dalai Lama Calls for Action on Climate Change. Or,  how about the fact that a Holocaust Denier [is] to Represent EU at Climate Talks? These are the kinds of headlines that make business leaders decidedly uneasy. With these atmospherics, it is reasonable to expect corporations to just look the other way until things settle down. So, don’t be surprised if your employer takes a low public profile on climate change. Business significance: U4/C1
  3. Speaking of climate change, Lester Brown has written one of those seminal pieces (he often does) which every business strategist ought to be thinking about. In Three Models of Social Change Lester mulls over which of three scenarios, “Pearl Harbor“, “Berlin Wall” , or the “Sandwich,” will most likely move civilization to take climate action seriously. Each scenario seems equally plausible. Each would take business in a totally different future direction.  ‘If I were you’ said the Chief Of Detectives, ‘I’d figure out what this guy means.’ Business significance: U2/C5

Following the example of our first, and introductory, weekly roundup from TreeHugger, Business Not As Usual: Chinese Environmental Activists Riot, And More, business “criticality” (C) and “urgency” (U) are each ranked above, subjectively, on a scale of 1 through 5, with 5 being the highest, and 1 the lowest. See that intro post for instructions on how to put the rankings to use.

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