Obama Announces He Will Attend COP15 Climate Conference

The White House officially announced today that President Barack Obama will go to Copenhagen to attend the COP15 climate conference, a commitment Obama has thus far been reticent to make, saying that he would attend only if his presence would help secure a successful outcome in the climate negotiations. It now appears as if he … Continued

KLM Flies into Sustainable Air Transport

Is that the smell of bio-kerosene in the air? If you were one of the passengers on KLM Royal Dutch Airline’s first passenger flight powered by bio-kerosene this week, then you were also one of the first to get a whiff of this new sustainable fuel, if indeed it is whiff-able. The Netherlands airline underscored … Continued

Why Traditional MBA Programs Still Don’t Get It

By Martin Melaver Recently, I was invited to meet with the Dean of a prestigious MBA program. I didn’t haven’t the foggiest notion what he wanted from me. Still don’t for that matter. As I waited outside his office, I felt all of ten years old being called in to see the principal. His office … Continued

How to Change Careers: “Job’s Aren’t Hot, People Are.”

An increasing number of job seekers have been attending green jobs conferences and networking events and reading a burgeoning list of green career guides as part of an effort to transition into a job where they feel good about their work. Too often they run into one of several common challenges that end up derailing … Continued

Global Carbon Emissions Increased Despite Recession

Despite an economic crisis dubbed the “great recession,” carbon emissions grew last year by two percent, to a total of 8.7 billions of carbon. Last year, every person in the world produced an average of 1.3 tons of carbon, according to a report by the Global Carbon Project. During 2000 to 2008, the growth rate … Continued

How a Subaru Plant Achieved a Zero Landfill Status

The Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) manufacturing plant in Lafayette, Indiana, became the first auto manufacturing plant to achieve a zero landfill status. None of the plant’s manufacturing waste goes into a landfill, because all of it is recycled and reused. SIA recycles 99.3 percent of its of excess steel, plastic, wood, paper, glass and … Continued

Rethinking Landfills as Wildlife Refuges

By Wes Muir, Director of Communications, Waste Management Increasing urbanization has led to an increased desire for environmental conservation. Across the country, areas of land are being cleared and filled with blooming landscapes to attract various birds and wildlife. Some house butterfly gardens and walking trails, while others host bird and bat houses, comparable to … Continued

Careers in Wind Farm Development: Meteorological Tower Services

This is the third article in a seven part series on careers in wind farm development. The first and second parts can be viewed here. Wind energy data is collected and analyzed to determine the wind resources of a given site. This involves erecting a meteorological tower with anemometers, wind vanes, a data logger, and … Continued

Green Car Rally: The Rookie Chevy Volt Versus the Veteran Toyota Prius

General Motors has been inundated in recent years with nothing but bad news. After filing for bankruptcy and receiving a controversial government bailout, the ailing car maker is trying to revolutionize the auto industry and breathe life back into its deflated sails with the introduction of the Chevy Volt. Considered to be an “extended-range electric … Continued

The Eight Biggest Myths About Sustainability in Business

Vijay Kanal of Kanal Consulting just posted a piece on GreenBiz.com titled The Eight Biggest Myths about Sustainability in Business. He kicks the piece off by saying, “Sustainability should be considered not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because it makes business sense. If an initiative cannot be justified from … Continued

Postal Service Releases First Sustainability Report

The US Postal Service is in financial dire straits. It lost $3.8 billion in its most recent fiscal year, ending September 30th, and its available coffers are dangerously low. And then there’s the agency’s business model, which many argue is antiquated and unsustainable. But, according to its recently-released (and debut) sustainability report, the post office … Continued

Goldman Sachs $500 Million PR Campaign

As you probably know by now, last week Goldman Sachs announced its program to help small businesses. The bank said it will spend $500 million to help small businesses. The timing is very interesting. A little over a week before, Goldman’s CEO, Lloyd C. Blankfein said the bank was “doing God’s work.” Two days before … Continued

Carbon Offsets: Angels Or Devils?

In George Monbiot’s book, Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning, he compares buying and selling carbon offsets to “pushing the food around on your plate to create the impression that you have eaten.” Responsible Travel might agree with Monbiot’s statement. Last month the company canceled its carbon offset program saying that it was … Continued

A Quick Interview With Nick Corcodilos of Ask The Headhunter

I had a chance to do a quick email interview with Nick Corcodilos, author of the Ask a Headhunter Blog and a frequent contributor to Fast Company. My questions for Nick concern the rise of so-called “green” recruiting firms and other folks capitalizing on the rise of green jobs – are they for real? or … Continued

EPA and GHGs: Ready, Set, Report

In the grand scheme of things, if neither next month’s Copenhagen summit on climate change or pending U.S. legislation on the same topic fails to establish firm, enforceable consensus on carbon reductions, accounting and reporting, it may not matter very much. That’s because the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has already done most of the heavy … Continued