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As people around the world become more aware of the many environmental issues and challenges we face, finding products that are safe and healthy for our children and also environmentally friendly can be a daunting task.

Whether you are a new parent or seasoned grandparent, SproutBaby is much more than an online store.  SproutBaby is a one-stop-shop for healthy, eco-friendly products.  Founded by Jody Sherman and Balaji Gopinath, the social shopping site is committed to help parents make healthy and eco-conscious product choices.  The family-friendly products, which include baby food, books, media, gentle mom and baby care items, are all researched, tested, reviewed and approved.

While many stores highlight the products they sell, SproutBaby also promises parents products they will not sell.  All of the organic and sustainable products sold on the website do not contain PVC, PFCs, PBDE, heavy metals and or toxic dyes.   Baby bottles are BPA-free and the cleaning products are all-natural.  None of the products that SproutBaby sells have been tested on animals either!

The very first product the online store offered was the popular line of organic and gourmet baby food, Sprout Foods, co-founded by author, celeb chef and dad, Tyler Florence.

Debuting earlier this month, SproutBaby now offers a new eco-friendly line of disposable and reusable cloth diapers.  The Nature Babycare biodegradable and compostable diapers are available in six different sizes.  Three eco-friendly cloth diapers are also available on the site – Play All Day, Baby BeeHinds and Kissaluvs.  Considering the average baby goes through thousands of  diapers from birth to potty training time, finding cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional diapers is important for many parents.

Besides offering a wide variety of products, SproutBaby also provides an online venue for parents to share, support, review and discuss parenting and environmental issues.   And 1 percent of SproutBaby’s sales are donated to Healthy Child, Healthy World, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children from harmful chemicals and environmental exposures.

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  1. Congratulationson opening your store! It is always great to see more cloth diaper choices for parents. We have loved cloth diapering our 13 month old since she was just one day old. We have saved a ton of money and kept thousands of diapers out of the landfills. She is comfy and she looks adorable in her cloth diapers.

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