Strawberry Hands, Bent Backs, Uncertain Futures

This is the 7th post in a series on the business of sustainable agriculture by the folks at Bon Appétit Management, a company that provides café and catering services to corporations, colleges and universities. To read past posts, click here. By Vera Chang, West Coast Fellow for Bon Appétit Management On the website homepage of … Continued

EPA’s Gift to Maritime Industry: Stringent Emission Regs

Just in time for holiday gift-giving season the Environmental Protection Agency wrapped-up final regulations that slap stringent emission control standards on ocean vessels and marine diesel engines. And this is one gift the maritime industry can’t return or exchange. The EPA this week finalized a rule it proposed in July that sets stringent engine and … Continued

Nopenhagen Wrecks Havoc on Carbon Markets, Cleantech Investment

We can pretend that something was accomplished at Copenhagen last week, but the invisible hand of the market doesn’t b-s. After the close of talks at the Bella Center, with its watered down “accord,” the price to emit a ton of carbon plummeted 10%. That crash could mean a dearth of investment in clean technology … Continued

Building a Path to Sustainable Products

by Kelly Flores Making your products “sustainable” is no easy task. There are a variety of issues for product managers, designers, and engineers to consider about design, materials, packaging and transportation. In a recent study of best practices, we found that companies approach the challenge of creating sustainable products in several stages.

Seven Things I Learned about Sustainability in 2009

By Dennis Salazar Another year has come and almost gone but it has been an exciting and interesting one, especially in our area of packaging sustainability. In spite of many consumer and alarmists’ claims, packaging is a relatively small portion of our overall environmental problem but it tends to make good headlines. So, especially in … Continued

Careers in Wind Farm Development: Financial Analyst

This is the sixth article in a seven part series on careers in wind farm development. (Be sure to read the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth parts, as well.) Not all proposed wind farms are economically viable. The role of the financial analyst is to determine which are financially sound. The main variables to … Continued

Slow Sales of Honda Insight Give Insight into Hybrid Market

Are hybrid cars still considered niche, or even — dare we say — “luxury” purchases? The failure of the lower-cost Honda Insight hybrid to dent the market for the Prius has some in the auto industry answering yes. Business Week reports that the Insight, which was introduced this year with a base MSRP of $19,800, … Continued

Bioplastech Startup Making Plastic Biodegradable

A University College Dublin research team recently patented a process to produce biodegradable plastic from plastic bottles, and that patent has led to the formation of a company, Bioplastech Ltd., to develop, process and market the technology. Dr. Kevin O’Connor, founder and CEO of Bioplastech, led the team and the biodegradable plastic they produce is … Continued

How Walmart Is Expanding the Reach of Fair Trade Coffee

In 2008, Walmart launched its own Sam’s Choice coffee label,  which included fair trade certified coffee. Walmart’s website claims that its Sam’s Choice Fair Trade Certified Coffee “guarantees fair prices, direct trade, environmental sustainability, and community development for family farmers.” The CBS’ website, lists coffee as one of the five items to purchase at … Continued

Bioplastic: The 8 Percent Solution

The future of plastics once fossil fuels run dry or the price for it becomes too expensive is bioplastics. But that alternative future is distant, measured in terms of decades, says Frederic Scheer, chairman, president and founder of Cereplast Inc., a Hawthorne, CA, company that designs and manufactures bio-based, sustainable plastics. Which is not to … Continued

Top Five Posts of the Year

Dear Readers, TriplePundit has had a heck of a year. With your help, we’ve grown to be one of the most widely-read online publications about sustainable business, we’ve brought in many new contributors, and we’ve helped stoke the fires of a new, green economy in many new places. We hope you’ve had a great time … Continued

Giving Lip Service: How Important is Energy Efficiency, Really?

If someone were to give you $10,000 for home improvements, how would you spend it? Would you pick ways to make your house look better or choose upgrades that would make your home more energy efficient? If you are leaning towards beauty over efficiency, you’re in the majority. In this economy, where home sales are … Continued

Why Best Buy Is the Electronic Recycling King

In October, I wrote a post titled Best Buy’s Environmental Efforts. As the likely biggest collector of electronic waste in the U.S., Best Buy merits a second post. A article calls Best Buy a “pioneer when it comes to electronics takeback.” The $40 billion a year company has an electronic recycling program allowing customers … Continued

Cultivating Creative Teamwork

By Tane Ross Many students enrolled in the CCA DMBA program come from creative careers. These careers often require teamwork and collaboration which involve collective problem solving, applications of specialized expertise in visual and conceptual realms and communication skills. However, many teams that we encounter in more traditional businesses feature a hierarchy of leadership and … Continued

Is There Such A Thing As Sustainable Gift Giving?

The holidays are finally here. Turkey leftovers, the smell of pine and baked apple pie, families snuggling up in warm winter homes. And who can forget that important part of the holidays – the sacred ritual of gift giving. Or more specifically, our annual obligation to support the myth that possessing more material items will … Continued