Schwarzenegger at COP15: Business, Innovators, Entrepreneurs the “Real Solution”

This afternoon (Copenhagen time), California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger praised the efforts of the scientist, entrepreneur, capitalist, innovator, and activist as the fundamental source of change on climate.

As important as they are, Schwarzenegger said, national agreements “will never do enough.”  Real progress comes at the sub-national level – the “iconoclast and individual citizen.”   Recalling that great movements “begin with people” and not with government. Schwarzenegger recalled the labor movement, women’s suffrage, civil rights, and the Vietnam anti-war movement as examples of how human progress requires individual agents of change, not in the “halls of power.”

As important as the proceedings here in Copenhagen may be, for Schwarzenegger, the real power rests in those who actively work every day for positive change.

Over to you, readers of Triple Pundit.

Following is the governor’s speech:

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