See You in Copenhagen: Better Place’s Shai Agassi on Role of Cleantech

If the Copenhagen climate conference has managed to do anything (even before it begins), it has managed to divide. It has facilitated the formation of two neatly antithetical groups of people: those who think nothing will result, and those who are hopeful as to what could happen.

“See You in Copenhagen” is a campaign of short films and ads produced by Found Object Films, in cooperation with the UN Foundation and TckTckTck, to raise public awareness leading up to COP15. It would fit firmly in the latter camp, featuring a certain cautious optimism. We may be sliding down a slippery slope, and Copenhagen may be just a time for political power plays, meaningless gesturing, and the biggest green networking event ever to take place. But it could also be a turning point.

In this video, Better Place innovator, Shai Agassi, talks about cleantech’s role in building the new clean economy, and those implications at COP15.

The short films and ads in this campaign feature a variety of “real-life” people, whose stories are each a piece of what organizers call the policy puzzle: a Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientist, a green industry leader, a grassroots activist and a UN negotiator. Through these portraits, it’s the hope that we—as participants in the climate change discourse—come to understand what is at stake, what the different roles are in this complex UN negotiation, and, hopefully, what is possible.

The premise is not necessarily new. We can’t sustain on coal and fossil fuel energies. We need to re-examine our lifestyles—what cars we drive, what products we buy, etc.—and figure out better, more efficient, more sustainable ways to live our lives. The poignancy of this story being told now is that it’s amplified by all the hype.

Regardless of what may or may not result from COP15, according to Agassi, public awareness is what we will really gain from Copenhagen.

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