New Journal Aims to Move from Problems to Solutions

Solutions issues[1]There are many scientific journals and publications that exist to raise awareness about environmental issues, where scientists can present research and propose recommendations on ways to mitigate the problems we face related to our environment. Though discussion and debate is important, many believe it is time to move from debate to demonstrated action.

While, as a nation we, await some resolution by way of energy legislation, there are undoubtedly myriad other solutions that have to be implemented. Translating good science into appropriate policy is critical and many ideas and solutions begin by the research coming out of the scientific community, as well as technological revolutions from the business community. There is no silver bullet.

The launch of a new journal titled Solutions aims to help us move from a debate culture to one of collaboration, by creating a global forum for dialogue with people, governments, business and civil society. The goal is to identify integrative socio-economic and environmental solutions that inspire action towards a better, more sustainable future for everyone. Not only is the objective at Solutions different, but the process is too. Instead of a typical peer review process, which can be more destructive than constructive, Solutions reviewers are empowered to use their depth of expertise in a more productive manner, by helping the authors perfect their story. In some cases, if the original author accepts, the reviewers may become co-authors on the piece.

Solutions was founded by leading ecologists Robert Costanza, Paul Hawken, David Orr and John Todd, and is set to launch in January 2010, coinciding with the 10th Annual National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment in Washington, DC. The Solutions editorial board boasts an impressive list of environmental advocates, including Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom, Ray Anderson, Lester Brown and Hunter Lovins.

Published bimonthly and distributed internationally, Solutions will be written for a broad audience, particularly the informed public. This is unlike other peer-reviewed journals that are written primarily for the academic community. Solutions is a hybrid journal that gets away from the concept of turning every issue into a scientific debate, by clearly and intelligently showing all sides. It will focus on working towards a solution or, in some cases, multiple solutions. Interested readers will be able to find Solutions at their library and on newsstands.

Ida Kubiszewski, managing editor for Solutions believes, “This journal is about collaboration and utilizes an interdisciplinary approach.” She remarks, “We believe that the informed public is growing tired of the focus on gloom and doom and wants to know what can be done to move us towards resolution.”

If you are interested in contributing to Solutions or becoming a partner or sponsor, please contact Ida Kubiszewski at

Cory Vanderpool joined EnOcean Alliance as the Business Development Director for North America. Prior to this role, she was Executive Director of GreenLink Alliance, a non profit organization dedicated to promoting energy conservation in buildings and tax incentives for building owners. Before establishing GreenLink, Cory worked in business development supporting a government contracting firm focused on civilian and defense markets. In addition to her work at EnOcean, Cory is also pursuing her PhD in Environmental Policy at George Mason University and is a part-time contributing writer at Triple Pundit.

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