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TriplePundit has had a heck of a year. With your help, we’ve grown to be one of the most widely-read online publications about sustainable business, we’ve brought in many new contributors, and we’ve helped stoke the fires of a new, green economy in many new places. We hope you’ve had a great time reading and engaging with us and we’re ready to kick of January with a lot of new features, partnerships, and content.

To celebrate the end of the year, or crack team of editors has put together a few top-five lists for the year, including this one: The Overall Five Best 3P Stories of 2009.

What happens when a big university donor has a beef with a major guest lecturer? The agenda changes. Or at least, it did when Harris Ranch Beef Co. pressured Cal Poly San Luis Obispo into dis-inviting Michael Pollan as a solo speaker.

It would be nice if our review of American Airlines’ Zero Emissions Zeppelin Service wasn’t an April fool’s hoax. Still, innovations start as dreams, do they not?

“Clean coal” may be a false notion – especially when considering the entire life-cycle of coal power – but we may be left with no better choice than to pursue the myth.

Vehicles using internal combustion engines won’t disappear overnight. The key to boosting their efficiency might just reside in the lowly spark plug.

A group of Stanford brainiacs found a way to boost the fuel of efficiency of aircraft. How? By more closely mimicking birds, and flying in formation.

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Freelance writer Mary Catherine O'Connor finds that a growing number of companies are proving the ways that they can make good financially, socially and environmentally (as the triple bottom line theory suggests).With that in mind, she contributes to Triple Pundit, as well as to Earth2Tech and other pubs focused on sustainability. She also writes The Good Route, an Outside Magazine blog that addresses the intersection of sustainability and the active/outdoor life.To find out more, or to reach her, go to

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