Recyclable, Compostable and Biodegradable, in the Same Bottle? Yes.

More and more of us are making an effort to live a more sustainable life. And yet, there’s this nagging sticking point. Packaging. So much of what we buy, particularly liquids, comes in packaging that is either from raw materials or is not recyclable. Or both. Oakland based Ecologic intends to solve that problem.

Just the Better Mileage Please, Hold the Leather: Hybrid Upselling

You know the old saying that the more things change, the more they stay the same? As more and more car companies finally respond to our desire to kick the gas habit, many of them can’t seem to kick the habit of piling on luxury options to drive up the prices and the profits. This … Continued

A Greener Apple: iPad Includes Eco-Friendly Features

The world finally got its first glimpse of the newest gadget in town, the iPad.  Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs, unveiled the new tablet computer earlier this week in San Francisco. Weighing less than two pounds, the iPad is less than 10 inches tall and is only half an inch thick.  But besides its super-sleek design and … Continued

SEC Issues Guidance On Climate Change Risk Disclosure

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted yesterday to issue interpretative guidance on what public companies must disclose to investors concerning climate change risks. A press release issued by the SEC states that the interpretative guidance is meant to clarify “certain existing disclosure rules that may require a company to disclose the impact that business … Continued

Audi’s Green Police Ads. Hilarious, But What About Audi?

I have to hand it to Audi. Their upcoming “green police” advertisements (destined for the super bowl) are absolutely hilarious. This could be the first big environmental meme of 2010 – the perfect mix of “Reno 911” style comedy and enough subtle cynicism to actually get people to think. If you haven’t seen them yet, … Continued

Asian Carp Part I: Can Plundering for Profit Save Precious Waterways?

Is there anything sustainable about a business model focused on exploiting a resource until that resource is gone? When considering, say, the mining of natural resources, of course you would say no. But what about using this approach to curtail the introduction of an invasive species that threatens not only one of the world’s most … Continued

How Can Trash Help Us to See More Sustainably?

I think we all know that in order to make the transition to a truly sustainable society, we need to learn to look at things differently. But how—or where —can we get that new perspective? Recology, San Francisco’s recently rebranded waste and recycling management service (formerly NorCal Waste Systems), is providing a lens for seeing … Continued

Clean-Tech Investor Summit: Industry Luminaries Share Their Vision for Success

By Lee Barken With southern California in the midst of thunderstorms and flash-flooding, attendees at the 6th Annual Clean-tech Investor Summit listened intently – among occasionally flickering lights – to conference chairman Ira Ehrenpreis remind the audience that “we choose Palm Springs as the conference location for the past 6 years because of the wonderful … Continued

USEPA Is Back. Will New Regulations Be Cost Burden or Strategic Advantage?

Image credit:Processing Magazine Operators of energy-intensive US industrial facilities, having benefited from years of USEPA ‘enforcement light,’ now face an old-fashioned onslaught of environmental reporting requirements. USEPA is poised for action – gathering what information it needs before revised or new regulations are published. Even though new industry rules by EPA – reporting previous year’s … Continued

UPS Adds 245 CNG Trucks to Its Green Fleet

Last week, UPS announced it has deployed 245 new delivery trucks powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to cities in Colorado and California. The vehicles are part of UPS’s continued effort to: • reduce its emissions from the use of fossil fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, • lower its carbon footprint, and • offer … Continued

Solar-Powered Plane One Step Closer to Around-the-World Flight

What began as a dream years ago is now becoming reality for two very talented Swiss pilots. Dr. Bertrand Piccard, a 51-year-old psychiatrist and aeronaut, along with former fighter pilot and project CEO Andre Borschberg, are getting ready to fly around the world in a solar-powered aircraft.  Imagine flying from here-to-there without the need for … Continued

Next Week’s State of Green Business Forum: Pushing the Green Economy Forward’s State of Green Business Forum next week (February 4th) in San Francisco comes at a time when modest leadership at the federal level and mixed reviews from Copenhagen have raised the stakes for the success of the green economy as the ultimate go-between of business, advocacy, policy, and progress.  Among the many reasons I … Continued

Ocean Carriers Propose Emissions Reduction System

Rather than dealing with a potpourri of environmental emissions regulations and fees, a group comprising the world’s largest international liner shipping companies is proposing a new global vessel efficiency system (VES) intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The 29-member World Shipping Council’s proposal asks the UN’s International Maritime Organization to take the lead in applying … Continued

Did H&M Knowingly Pass Off GMO Cotton as Organic?

Some of the certified-organic cotton clothing sold by leading European brands and retailers contains genetically modified (GMO) cotton from India, according to the German edition of the Financial Times as reported by Roughly 30 percent of the samples tested by Impetus, an independent German lab, contained GMO cotton. The European retailers exposed by Financial Times … Continued

Is the DOE’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Incentive Stifling Innovation?

The Department of Energy (DOE) program, the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing incentive (ATVMI) is meant to stimulate the development of cleaner vehicles (EVs). The Security Act of 2007’s Section 136 created an incentive program of grants and loans to support developing advanced technology vehicles and the parts needed for them. A total of $25 was … Continued