Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference

Girls in TechA feminist at heart (I ran women’s health workshops as an undergrad at Brown), I am looking forward to the Catalyst Conference held by Girls in Tech on Jan 26th at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.  A recent Harvard Business Review article laments how only 1.5% of the world’s top 2000 performing companies are lead by female CEOs.  Clearly some nurturing and leadership development is needed and that is exactly what I hope to find at the Catalyst Conference.

“We’ve developed this conference to provide women in technology with real skills and important tools that they can directly apply to their careers,” said Adriana Gascoigne, founder and CEO of Girls in Tech.  The Catalyst Conference is female only and will provide women with technology and business tools to help advance their careers.  The all-star speaker line-up includes

There appear to be just a few men who’ve sneaked into the line-up as well.

I am curious about the soul of the tech world.  What drives the web 2.0 crowd aside from profits?  I view technology as the ultimate enabler for just about anything, including sustainability and any cause really, which is demonstrated by Kiva and Samasource’s approach.  However I sometimes feel that technology focuses too much on solving minor problems for the top earning 1% as that’s where the big payout lurks, but what we really need to do is use technology to solve more holistic global problems, like climate change, poverty, disease.  I’ll be covering the Girls in Tech conference and will seek to understand what motivates technology.  More importantly, what do you think?  Is technology the solution, an enabler, or just a distraction from our real problems?  What drives Silicon Valley?  Will I see you on the 26th?

Amie runs Cobblestone Solutions, LLC, a consultancy focusing on business development, marketing, communications and strategy for mission driven companies. Previously, Amie served as Director of Business Development for Viv (a Bay Area environmental start-up), Program Manager for Social Venture Technology Group (a boutique consulting firm focused on measuring social and environmental impact), and Associate Consultant at Bain & Co (a global management consulting firm). She is particularly interested in innovations that reduce waste, altering consumer behavior for good, and leveraging the power of business to solve the climate crisis. You can read more from her on her blog, on, and on JustMeans.

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