For a “Crash Course” Sustainable MBA, Here’s Your Homework

The results are in!  The 3P reader poll we conducted 2 weeks ago received a lot of attention and traffic, and generated an interesting list of green business books that our readers consider important. They span the gamut from manufacturing to strategy to sustainable food to clean energy.  And, importantly, they represent a nice cross … Continued

Creating a Successful Elevator Pitch for Sustainable Businesses

Entrepreneurs need an elevator pitch like a plant needs water.  Even the hardiest will eventually wither without one.  Sound preposterous?  It’s not.  The elevator pitch summarizes your business in an exciting, intriguing way that gets clients, the media, investors, and your employees excited about your company and ready to find out more.  And quite simply, … Continued

Bloom Energy’s Bloom Box Public Relations Coup d’Etat

Bloom Energy’s remarkable fuel cell energy server, the so called “Bloom Box“, has garnered more interest than almost anything else we’ve written about in months. By the sheer volume of traffic to this site you’d think the holy grail itself had been found. The bloom box does seem to hold a legitimate promise to improve … Continued

How Has Microfinance Changed Since 2005?

Microfinance, something now fairly common and even mainstream in 2010, was a novel concept when we first wrote about Kiva in 2005. At that time, you could only lend to people in Uganda. Now you can lend to people around the world, and in a clear sign microfinance has moved beyond being only about helping … Continued

GDP vs. “Happiness”: Economics Are Getting Smarter

Five years ago, 3p reported that GDP does not correlate with happiness, and that another, more holisitic metric—GPI, or Gross Progress Indicator—would be more apt. Now, in 2010, some say this is still true. This finding has been repeated and reported almost constantly in the last five years, which begs two points. First, that happiness is … Continued

The Cleantech Open – A Bridge over the Valley of Death?

Ed Note: This is the second in a handful of guest posts we felt worth publishing on behalf of Chevron. Although we have mixed feelings about many aspects of the oil industry, Chevron’s sponsorship of today’s cleantech open speaks to their willingness to enter into a productive dialog with entrepreneurs building a new energy economy. … Continued

How To Cut Costs Through Energy Efficiency

Is it possible to cut cost without cutting meaning? Robert Verganti of the Harvard Business Review thinks it is possible. Verganti, the author of the book, Design-Driven Innovation: Changing the Rules of Competition by Radically Innovating what Things Mean, pointed out that people care about price, but they also “do not want to feel poor.” … Continued

Three Big Companies Gave USCAP The Shaft

This article has been updated since it was originally published. ConoccoPhillips recently pulled out of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), a coalition of businesses and environmental groups. Conocco is the third company to pull out, after the British oil giant, BP, and equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar. Conocco’s chairman and CEO, Jim Mulva said in a … Continued

Chevron Acts to Reclaim Contaminated Land with Sunshine

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson announced today that Chevron’s mining subsidiary Chevron Mining, Inc. will build a one megawatt concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) solar facility on the tailing site of their molybdenum mine in Questa, New Mexico. This demonstration project will be the largest concentrating solar photovoltaic installation in the U.S. Concentrating photovoltaic systems uses lenses … Continued

Quantifying Progress: Whole Foods vs. Milton Friedman

Five years ago, 3p founder Nick Aster covered the exchange between Milton Friedman and John Mackey featured on On one side of the ring was Friedman, swinging away on behalf of profit at all social and environmental costs, echoing his infamous assertion that the only “social responsibility of business is to increase its profits.”  … Continued

Why a National Renewable Energy Standard *Is* a Jobs Bill

While we’re stoked that jobs bill passed, Congress must stop ignoring another major source of jobs- a national renewable energy standard. AWEA and Navigant Consulting report up 274,000 potential green jobs …

Recycling Is the Winning Ticket at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center

The Dunkin’ Donuts Center, located in Providence, Rhode Island, is taking a different approach when it comes to recycling.   According to a recent company press release, two TOMRA UNO reverse vending machines (RVMs) have been installed in the food court at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center.  The 31,000 square-foot facility serves as the premier events arena … Continued

Why Dismantling California’s AB32 Is Bad for Small Business

By: Cynthia Verdugo-Peralta When it comes to achieving sustained economic recovery in California, it seems that some individuals, who presently have the bully pulpit, are asking all the wrong questions—and not surprisingly, coming up with all the wrong answers.  They wonder–“What can we do to ‘protect’ California’s economy from AB32 (the state’s landmark energy security … Continued

EPA’s GHG Reduction Scenarios for Transport Sector

Environmental Protection Agency says various reduction scenarios could result in vehicle emission reductions of up 27 percent through 2030, which explains their recent actions on greenhouse gas regulations in the transport sector and general GHG reporting requirements for all companies. EPA also says that implementation of those scenarios could reduce the transportation sector’s cumulative oil consumption … Continued

Bloom Energy Finally Comes Clean in Packed Press Briefing

In a standing-room-only press conference today, held at eBay headquarters in San Jose, Bloom Energy publicly launched its Bloom Energy Server, following eight years of highly secret development, and almost $400m in investments, much of it from Silicon Valley’s top shelf VC, Kleiner Perkins. The event kicked off with introductory remarks by Governor Schwarzenegger who … Continued