Ford Plugging Into Microsoft Hohm for Battery Management

Ford announced at the New York Auto Show today that it will team up with Microsoft’ energy management software system, Hohm, to help drivers optimize the juice for Ford electric vehicles – starting with the Ford Focus next year. Through the partnership, which will also involve utilities and municipalities around the country, the carmaker is … Continued

Can the US Learn from India’s Climate Change Policy?

India’s Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation: Carbon Trading and Beyond By Swapan Mehra 2010 could well end up being a landmark year for Green Development in India. On February 26th, Pranab Mukherjee, the Indian Finance Minister, announced the creation of a National Clean Energy Fund to support development of Renewable Energy to be financed by … Continued

Not-So-Cool-Cars: Calif. Board Drops Efficiency Requirement from AB32

After getting heat from police, public safety groups and transportation agencies, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) decided to drop an impending requirement for automakers to incorporate heat-blocking coatings on windows, which decreases the need for air conditioning and makes cars more fuel efficient.  This so-called Cool Cars initiative was to be implemented as part … Continued

One Person Really Can Make a Difference

Blog, blog, action. It all started with a blog that Beth Terry of Oakland, Calif., read on about the monstrous plastic garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean. She was particularly struck by a photo of an albatross that had essentially been shrink-wrapped. It inspired her to start cleaning up her act, when it came … Continued

Employee Engagement through Sustainability–Upcoming Free Event!

Earlier this year, and as reported on Triple Pundit, Brighter Planet released the results of a corporate survey on employee engagement around sustainability initiatives.  Thanks in part to the pioneering work of Saatchi & Saatchi S (formerly Act Now Productions) and its founder Adam Werbach, employee engagement is becoming an increasingly popular means to drive … Continued

Solar Firms Turn to Foreclosed Properties for Land

Finding the land to build a solar power plant can be a headache. Solar plants require a large footprint to soak up the maximum amount of sun’s energy — anywhere from 4 to 14 acres per megawatt of electricity generated. This need for land puts solar firms in direct conflict with a tangle of environmental … Continued

Trader Joe’s to Adopt Sustainable Seafood Policy After Greenpeace Campaign

Supermarket chain Trader Joe’s has announced that by the end of 2012, all seafood it sells will be from sustainable sources. The move follows a months’ long campaign by Greenpeace to lobby the popular retailer to change its seafood sourcing practices. The campaign included a pirate-themed website, “Traitor Joe’s,” which now praises the retailer for … Continued

Former Sprint, Radio Shack CEOs Get Serious About Recycling

Cell phones keep getting smaller and smaller while boasting more and more features.  Most of those phones, PDAs, and smartphones, however, are eventually tossed out, and the results are disturbing.  In the US, consumers purchase about 140 million new cell phones a year, replacing them on average about every 18 months.  Americans are actually global … Continued

Carbon Trading Complexity Putting Strains on Market Reputation

A series of criminal investigations and auditor suspensions in carbon trading markets threaten to give the process of trading pollution credits the same bad reputation as “collateral debt obligations” and other arcane financial instruments that helped trigger the Great Recession. The problems also highlight a lack of personnel qualified to do the complex work of … Continued

Can Apple’s iPad and Interactive Magazines Save The Landfills?

By D. Salmons Magazines are being printed in volumes every day, and the sheer bulk in waste is staggering. Time magazine prints more than four million copies a year, all in a slick glossy format that has not always been recyclable. But now, a technological gadget could provide a means for curbing the amount of … Continued

Industry Veteran Opines at Wall Street Green Trading Summit

Peter Fusaro knows environmental finance markets. As the Chairman of Global Change Associates, Fusaro is an energetic and tenacious green markets cheerleader with over 34 years of government policy and industry experience. When he took the stage at his 9th annual Wall Street Green Trading Summit last week in New York City, audience members perked … Continued

CO2 Recycling Offers Alternative to Carbon Capture and Sequestration

By Byron Elton, CEO, Carbon Sciences, Inc. While the current administration has undoubtedly taken an aggressive stance toward advancing conversation on curbing greenhouse gas emissions, many of options being considered to address this issue are on a slow timeline. This has prompted the private industry to tackle this complex, but potentially lucrative problem to reduce … Continued

Psychological Study Finds Green Consumers Ethically Challenged

A series of psychological experiments carried out by researchers at the University of Toronto suggest that consumers of green products may feel less obligated to act as altruistically in the rest of their lives. The study, conducted by Nina Mazar and Chen-Bo Zhong and published in the Journal of Psychological Science, asked one group of … Continued

Green Choice Campaign 2010: Rate & Review Green Charities

If you have had experience with environmental non-profit organizations, why not share your story with the world? Whether your experience was fabulous, mediocre or somewhere in between, the GreatNonprofits Green Choice Campaign 2010 is asking for your input.  Now is your chance to review that green non-profit and share your experience.   Your review may help … Continued

The Branding Case for Offset-Inclusive Carbon Management

By Neil Braun, CEO, The CarbonNeutral Company As US companies transition to a low carbon economy, carbon management represents a new and fundamental challenge for business. How companies respond to this challenge has become a strategic issue that can build or destroy brands and reputations. If companies take on this challenge, carbon management presents an … Continued