100% Renewable Energy “Achievable” for Europe by 2050: Study

A new study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) argues that Europe and North Africa can achieve complete independence from fossil fuels by 2050, and that all the technologies necessary for such a transformation are already in place. The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and the European Climate Forum all … Continued

Kaiser Permanente Powering 15 California Facilities with Solar Power

Whatever your take is on the health care reform package that Congress recently passed, the fact remains that the health care industry will only grow over the next several years.  With as many as 30 million more customers enrolling in health insurance plans, the need for health care practitioners and facilities like hospitals will only … Continued

Report: Environmental Cost of Corporations in the Trillions

A recent UN study by the British consulting firm Trucost, as reported in the Guardian, assessed the environmental impact that the three thousand top global corporations inflict. The study clocked this impact at a cost of $2.2 trillion dollars–a sum greater than the national budgets of all but seven countries in the world and approximately … Continued

HP and Best Buy on Best, Worst Company Lists at the Same Time

They were the worst of companies, they were the best of companies. Hewlett Packard and Best Buy have managed to get themselves on at least two “top companies” lists at the same time. The problem is, the lists rate diametrically opposed qualities. Both companies were “good” enough in 2009 to get on the Ethisphere’s World’s … Continued

Geoengineering Conference Contemplates Worst Case Scenario

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. When it comes to global warming, some scientists are taking those words to heart. The Asilomar International Conference on Climate Intervention Technologies held last week brought together some 175 scientists from around the world to discuss research into geoengineering, the deliberate manipulation of the environment to slow … Continued

China Blistering Past US in Green Investment

The Pew Charitable Trusts released a study showing that for the first time, China is leading the United States in green technology investment.  Considering that China is four times the size of US, the study may not be surprising, but the pace at which Chinese investment has increased is certainly shocking.  Five years ago, the Chinese … Continued

How Non-Profits Are Using Social Marketing To Promote Energy Conservation

An article published recently by Environmental Leader highlights how utilities and governments are using the “power of applying social marketing strategies” to change people’s “attitudes and behaviors” about energy conservation. Non-profit organizations are also using social marketing to spread the word about energy conservation. Project Porchlight, mentioned in the article, is an example. The non-profit … Continued

When Green Buildings Go Brown

By Kelly Caffarelli, President The Home Depot Foundation The scene is finally becoming pretty familiar:  the owner of a building is surrounded by the architects, engineers and contractors, perhaps a few local politicians, when the plaque on a new green building is unveiled.  The local news might report that this is the first [pick a type of … Continued

How to Be a Good Manager: Guide for the 21st Century

By Dean Gualco In the years following the end of World War II, managers were held in high regard and esteem by those in the political, economic, and social circles of our country.  Employees felt a sense of trust in their managers and managers a sense of duty to their employees. That feeling has largely … Continued

WAGES Creates Clean, Green Livelihoods; Looking to Scale

Women’s Action to Gain Economic Security, also known as WAGES, builds worker-owned businesses with the goal of creating “healthy, dignified jobs for low-income women.”  I’m intrigued by WAGES because it is one of very few models I’ve encountered that truly meets the people-planet-profit trifecta of a triple bottom line business.  Entrepreneurs, take note. Launched in … Continued

Energy Star Skewered by Congressional Audit

A covert investigation conducted by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has found that Energy Star, the EPA’s 18-year-old energy efficiency program, will put its seal of approval on just about anything — as long as the necessary paperwork is filled out. A phony “gasoline powered alarm clock” submitted by investigators was approved as Energy Star … Continued

Floating to History: Recyclable Plastiki on its Way

A boat made out of more than 12,000 used plastic water bottles is on its way to Sydney, Australia, proving several points along way: That it can be done; that trash can be useful; and that the huge swath of plastic trash and other debris known as the Eastern Garbage Patch should never happen again. … Continued

Zero Baggage Eliminates the Need for Checked Luggage

It’s a dream that’s probably flitted through everyone’s mind at some point: to travel completely baggage-free. The problem of course, for those of us unable to afford a new wardrobe for each destination, is what to wear when you get there. Zero Baggage hopes to provide the answer. The startup has concocted a service for … Continued

Lights Out at K-Mart and Sears For Earth Hour: Who Else?

Led by the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), the fifth annual Earth Hour 2010 takes place tomorrow, March 27, from 8:30pm to 9:30pm local time, around the world.  During this hour, at least 1 billion people will shut off their lights in showing their concern over climate change.  Since its inception in 2006, Earth Hour has … Continued

Sustainable Start-Up Trains Haitians to Produce Biofuel

Sirona is a Celtic mythological god of healing, his healing touch is needed in Haiti today. It is also needed for the American economy and our global environment. Paul and Michele Lacourciere are two wonderful people who have adopted Sirona as the symbolic inspiration for their business and foundation that is building sustainable solutions for … Continued