Turning off Computers Will Save Ford Millions

Ford Motor Company recently announced the launching of a new program that is expected to save the auto company millions.  According to a company press release, the PC Power Management program is expected to save the company approximately $1.2 million in power costs and will reduce its carbon footprint by 16,000 to 25,000 metric tons annually.

PC Power Management Program

According to Ford IT project supervisor, Keith Forte, about 60 percent of Ford employees did not shut off their systems at the end of the day, resulting in wasted energy.  By updating computer software during off-hours, shutting down Windows’ systems during the evening hours, weekends and when the computers are not in use, power consumption will be reduced and money will be saved.   Each computer will have a “Power Profile” which will monitor usage patterns and determine when the system can be safely turned off.  The program will also automatically save any Microsoft Office products that remain open prior to shutdown. The PC Power Management program, developed with 1E Inc’s NightWatchman software, will be available this month in the United States and will be rolled out worldwide later this year.

Ford has a variety of eco-friendly initiatives as well. For the fifth year in a row, the Michigan-based company was the recipient of the EPA’s 2010 Energy Star Award for Sustained Excellence for reducing energy in its facilities.  In 2009, Ford’s energy efficiency in the United States was improved by 4.6 percent, saving about $15 million.   Since 2000, energy efficiency in U.S. facilities has improved by more than 30 percent.  Lighting, heating and paint process systems improvements have contributed to the effort.

From 2000 to 2006, Ford reduced water consumption by about 25 percent in its manufacturing operations. Two patent-pending tools, the Water Estimation Tool (WET) and Water Ideas to Lessen Demand (WILD), contributed to the reductions.

Ford, partnering with the Rocky Mountain Institute, launched its voluntary Go Green Dealership Sustainability Program for Ford and Mercury dealers earlier this year.  Participating dealers are able to improve energy efficiency and lower operating costs in their facilities with the cost-effective, tailor-made initiative.

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