Using Anchor Institutions to Create Sustainable Communities–The Cleveland Experience

At the Social Enterprise World Forum in San Francisco last week, attendees were treated to insights and resources from successful social enterprises around the country.  One of the most interesting workshops I attended was put on by the Democracy Collaborative, a research and consulting firm that is helping Cleveland, Ohio, recover from significant job losses … Continued

Carbon Voyage: A Green Voyage to and from the Airport

We are becoming more aware that air travel has a detrimental effect on air quality and is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions.  The question of mitigating air travel has no easy answers, especially since discount air travel has surged in Europe over the past several years.  Nevertheless, one UK firm is tackling … Continued

Part Two: Interview with’s Neal Gorenflo

This is the second of a two-part interview with Neal Gorenflo, a co-founder of, a magazine that “tells the story of sharing” and covers “the people, places, and projects that are bringing a shareable world to life.” In part one, Gorenflo explained how the startup magazine began, and he let us in on its … Continued

Kopernik Connects the Developing World with Appropriate Technology

Sometimes, utter frustration can lead to solutions – as it did when 30-somethings Ewa Wojkowska and Toshihiro Nakamura realized that the barriers of cost and distribution of innovative technological products that could improve the quality of life in developing countries kept them from getting to where they were most needed. To solve that, they invested … Continued

Solar Water Heater Firms in UK Accused of Misinformation

Ten out of fourteen companies selling solar thermal water heaters in the United Kingdom “exaggerated potential savings to consumers,” during an undercover sting conducted by Which? magazine, a sort of Brit Consumer Reports, only edgier. Solar thermal hot water systems use sunlight to heat water for home or pool use. The technology is simple and … Continued

What is an ecoATM?

Take a Coinstar type of kiosk and allow people to trade-in/trade-up plus recycle their old cell phones and consumer electronics. Name the kiosks ecoATMs. In 2009, ecoATM was launched, and currently has 11 machines in the Midwest, San Diego, Boston, Dallas and Seattle. The company hopes to expand to 150 machines by the end of … Continued

Greener Pharmaceuticals an RX for Drug Pollution

Compared to the pollution from the millions of tons of toxic waste and garbage generated each year, that from prescription drugs is small potatoes. The FDA requires drug companies that plan on making more than 40 tons of a drug to file a separate environmental impact statement; in 2008, only 20 did so out of … Continued

On-Site Micro Wind Turbines Provide Power to Sam’s Club

Cape Cod isn’t the only place making wind energy news this week. Yesterday, the parking lot of the Sam’s Club in Palmdale, California, made it into the headlines, too. As part of the company’s commitment to be supplied 100 percent by renewable energy, Sam’s Club installed 17 micro wind turbines mounted on parking lot light … Continued

Green Rooftops and Other “Green Infrastructure”: An Overview

By Kathryn Brennar Building a green infrastructure is no longer a new idea.  However, the ways that people go about doing it can be new and unique.  City developers are beginning to incorporate some creative strategies of their own.  Specifically, there has been a recent spike in the level of interest that communities have had … Continued

KfW Bankengruppe’s Green Building, Green Loans, and Walking the Walk

KfW is a German development bank that was created in 1948 as part of the Marshall Plan to help fund post-war redevelopment of Germany. It’s a 100% government owned entity which makes it slightly unusual in the world of banking and subject to certain rules and restrictions. However, it also gives KfW the luxury of … Continued

Better Place Starts Electric Vehicle Battery Swap in Japan

News broke early this week that Better Place, the Silicon Valley car-charging infrastructure upstart, is launching the first tests of its battery-swapping scheme for electric cars, starting with EV taxis in Tokyo. The backstory is that Better Place struck a deal with Chery Automobile Co., China’s largest independent automaker,  to jointly develop switchable-battery EV prototypes … Continued

Two Offshore Scenarios: Clean Wind and Burning Oil

The contrast between the promise of renewable energy and the perils of fossil fuels was on full display yesterday, and it could not be more stark. Hours before Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced approval for the nation’s first offshore wind farm, which will generate as much as 454 megawatts of clean, limitless energy, the US … Continued

Indonesia Vs. The Volcano: A $12 Billion Geothermal Dream

Visit any of Indonesia’s islands, and chances are a day trip to one of this massive archipelago’s volcanoes will be on your itinerary.  Many of them are still active, beguiling you with their surreal landscapes, with guides enticing you to smear the steamy, grey volcanic mud on your face for a quick facial.  Eventually the … Continued

PUMA’s Commitment to Environmental Conservation

By Alison I. Somilleda for the Green Chamber of Commerce German sportlifestyle company PUMA, known for its groundbreaking work with environmental and social awareness, and global peace initiatives, has partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to support global awareness of biodiversity through the “Play for Life” campaign. The campaign will promote habitat and … Continued