Dahon Folding Bike Makes Blogger Happy

Lady luck has smiled on this blogger. Nick Aster threw our business cards into a drawing for a sweet Dahon Mu Uno at a Bikehugger party at SXSW, and can you believe it, mine came out. I swore on Facebook that I’d never won anything before, but my friend-from-high-school Marianna kindly reminded me that in 1997 I won free coffee at the local coffee shop for a week. And everyone was very jealous.

The party was in the parking lot of Lance Armstrong’s bike shop Mellow Johnny’s, and it was already pretty awesome because of the free beer and swag provided by Google to promote the launch of their biking feature for Google Maps. But, the free bike definitely puts it over the top.

This thing is really sweet. It weighs only 22 pounds, and it folds up in 10 seconds, or it would, if I were better with order of operations. I still need the video below to guide me.  Most importantly, and it looks pretty bad ass for a folding bike. It’s a wee bit slower than my trusty beater road bike, but I love it for going on public transit in between all my green business and blogger meetings. It’s also a great guest bike- I’m going to get my mom on it the next time she’s in town for a visit.

All in all, it kind of makes me feel like Batman, all matte and black. Thanks Dahon! Thanks Bikehugger!

Jen Boynton

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  1. Nothing beats free. I paid a lot for my Montague folding bike but it's also great for all around gettting around. Doesn't look like the bike above though, mine has big wheels like a regular bike. Rides great, folds easy. Folding bikes are up and coming. Don't know why there aren't more already. Others will soon catch on.

  2. The Dahon Mu Uno is a nice bike but little wheels don't have the same feel and performance as a full size folding bike. I have put a ton of miles on my Montague Paratrooper bike and it has the same ride qualities as my brothers non folding mountain bike that was only slightly less expensive than the Paratrooper.

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