Greener Furniture Comes With Greener Stickers

MAHWAH, NEW JERSEY, April 1, 2010 – Today, Anderson Office Supply, the Tri-State area’s leading supplier of name brand office supplies, photocopiers and top brand furniture since 1957 announced a new $3 million partnership with U-Stick Adhesives to offer new, green themed stickers on all products sold by Anderson beginning April 1.

“From April 1 onward each and every name-brand and generic item in our store will include a long-lasting vinyl sticker announcing our commitment to a greener future,” announced Dirk Spalding, VP of community relations. “The sticker will say ‘we’re green’ and is guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the product or we’ll overnight you another one, free of charge.”

The stickers will be added to all product categories using recycled industrial adhesive from U-Stick Corp’s Newark, NJ, overflow inventory facility.

Reported Evan Rouseberg, CEO of U-Stick Adhesives: “This glue we’ve had lying around was going to waste, so partnering with Anderson gives us the opportunity to use it up, get it out the door, and make more. Next year, we’re shooting for poster sized stickers you can put on your car – doesn’t matter if it’s an Prius or a Humvee, once people get the sight of that field of daisies going by you’re gonna look and feel a whole lot greener.”

“Sunflowers, a windmill, solar panels, this sticker has everything,” continued Spalding. “It’s not just about our store being green, it’s also about YOU. Think about it – if people come over and see this new file cabinet in your office, they’re going to say ‘hey, nice file cabinet,’ but when they see this sticker on the side it changes everything – we’re talking increased ROI up the wazoo.”

Because they are larger and heavier, teak and other tropical hardwood furniture will feature two stickers. Please keep stickers out of the reach of children.

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