How Sustainability Can Be Incorporated Into Executive Compensation

President of Ceres, Mindy S. Lubber, says in a Harvard Business Review opinion piece that global problems like climate change “demand new business models.” Lubber warns that not creating new models will result in more than “another financial-sector meltdown,” but environmental and social problems “on a scale never before seen.” She thinks that bringing pay … Continued

Chinese Communist Party Tops Green Companies List

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tops a list of the Top Ten Green Giants created by clean technology industry outlet Greentech Media. The CCP’s position in first place is a nod to the momentum the Chinese government has given to the development of the country’s cleantech sector, as well as its quick, unilateral decision-making more … Continued

Cape Wind Project Approved in Huge Boost For American Clean Energy

[UPDATED] This afternoon in Boston, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced that a massive wind farm off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, would move forward, despite intense local opposition. Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts said construction on the farm was expected to start within a year. “America needs offshore wind power and with … Continued

Smart Elevators Bring You There Faster & More Efficiently

If you’ve ever worked in a large office building you know the rare satisfaction that comes when the elevator is sitting there waiting for you and takes you non-stop to your floor. Likewise, you may know the frustration when the elevator stops 10 times before getting you where you need to be. Leave it to … Continued

Measuring the Business Impact of Community Involvement

Glenn Gutterman You can’t manage what you don’t measure, or so the aphorism goes. This summer, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC) will launch a framework to assess the business impact of community involvement (CI) programs. The framework will empower corporate citizenship practitioners to make a compelling internal case for their programs. After … Continued

Fonkoze Aims to Bring Sustainability to Lives of Haitian Women

“This is a once-only opportunity to build a whole new country from scratch, perhaps to offer something of the good wishes the new nation should have been given 200 years ago,” writes AA Gill in the London Times, in a gut-wrenching account of living conditions in Haiti today, three months after a crushingly destructive earthquake … Continued

LCA Sustainable Supply Chain USA This Week in Chicago

Sustainable supply chains seem to be front-of-mind recently as giants like Wal-Mart and IBM seek to reduce risk by understanding the impacts of their suppliers. Other companies are making headlines by addressing the downstream supply chain, with clever ways of reducing packaging, and not only setting, but also achieving zero waste goals. And for some … Continued

Where’s the Beef? Amtrak’s Putting It in the Engine!

OK, so the pun on “cattle car” was already taken. Amtrak has started testing a locomotive run on biodiesel made from beef tallow on trips from Fort Worth to Oklahoma City, the rail operator recently announced. The B20 fuel mixes 20 percent beef biodiesel with 80 percent regular diesel. According to earlier tests run by Amtrak, the … Continued

Sick Streams: Environmentalists Mass Against Massey

The Sierra Club and other environmental groups are ratcheting up the pressure on Massey Energy with a lawsuit that charges five Massey coal subsidiaries with thousands of Clean Water Act permit violations. Sierra Club, the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Coal River Mountain Watch and the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy went after Massey – America’s fourth … Continued

Santa Barbara Drilling Compromise Faces Skepticism

Politicians and activists on both the left and the right often speak of striking “a balance” between environmental and business concerns. Yet when just such a balance is proposed, many run for the exits. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the issue of offshore drilling, first after President Obama’s controversial decision last month to … Continued

Why Doesn’t Goldman Sachs Bailout Greece?

After Standard & Poor’s downgraded Greek government debt to “junk” status today, stock markets swooned worldwide on fears that Greece’s problems could infect the rest of the European economy and, in the worst case scenario, drag the world economy back into recession. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, executives from investment banking behemoth … Continued

Buying American Wind

Growing up in Essex, Maryland — a very blue collar section of Baltimore County — the phrase “Buy American” was more than just a rallying cry for those who championed domestic manufacturing. It was simply how things were done. Even when the oil crisis of the 1970s hit, you would’ve been hard-pressed to find a single … Continued

Seventh Generation’s Jeffrey Hollender on Holistic CSR

Corporate Social Responsibly is more than just about selling sustainable products, issuing annual reports, and reducing carbon and water footprints: it’s also about how businesses treat employees and the corporate culture that’s promoted within company walls. Jeffrey Hollender, Seventh Generation’s Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Inspired Protagonist, spoke about this holistic approach to CSR during his visit to the Presidio Graduate School earlier today.

Industrial Ecology: Paradigm Shift or Emerging Discipline?

By Katie Branagh, Adam Feldman, Margaret Hartwell, Dean Martucci and David Tausheck Is Industrial Ecology a paradigm shift with normative potential to be applied to policy, strategy and technology or is it an emerging discipline, in its own right, as the “science” of sustainability? Industrial Ecology has been defined as “a systems-based, multidisciplinary discourse that … Continued

Small Is Beautiful–Communities Fight GHG Emissions

With all the big news from the governments and big businesses announcing efficiency gains, offsets, retrofits, and other sustainability initiatives, it’s easy to lose site of the local efforts gaining traction across the country and world.  Microenterprise and community-based efforts at energy efficiency, alternative energy, and social entrepreneurship–such as solar powered cafes in remote rural … Continued