First Cat Food with Sustainably Sourced Fish Soon Hits European Shelves

Several cat food brands that use sustainably sourced fish will soon be hitting the shelves in Europe.   Touted as an industry first, Mars Petcare Europe recently announced it will be launching its Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified pet food as part of the company’s commitment to use only “sustainably sourced fish by 2020.”

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), unsustainable fishing is “decimating” the world’s fisheries, destroying marine habitats and incidentally killing billions of fish and marine animals annually.  The fish used in the company pet food products will be caught in a sustainable manner, without further threatening dwindling stocks.

Working with the WWF, other fish sustainability commitments include “using 100 percent sustainable wild catch and aquaculture sources, replacing all wild catch whole fish and fillets with sustainable fish by-products and using only sustainable alternatives to marine fish ingredients.”  According to a company press release, MSC-certified fish will be used in SHEBA and WHISKAS fish variety cat food brands throughout Europe and will be available by the end of the year.  The MSC also makes it easy for human consumers to spot sustainable seafood – just look for the blue MSC label.

The Virginia-based company, founded in 1911, was the first global chocolate company committed to certifying its entire cocoa supply as being sustainably produced by 2020.  And in 2009, Mars Petcare opened the “world’s first sustainable pet food manufacturing facility” in the United States, which received LEED Gold certification.

For more information on the disturbing problem of overfishing, please watch the trailer from “The End of the Line” documentary.  Warning – some images are graphic.

Image courtesy of Dominic Morel

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