Why Reuters’ Acquisition of Point Carbon Is a Smart Move

Major media company Thomson Reuters is acquiring Point Carbon, a Norwegian media company that provides analysis, news and content for the energy and environmental markets. It’s a smart move. Thomson Reuters, after all, is the amalgam of Reuters and the Thomson Corporations, an information company that supplied textbooks and other academic materials that acquired the … Continued

Exxon Shareholders Call for Risk Disclosure on Canadian Oil Sands

Given the current horrifying disaster in the Gulf, it is quickly becoming fashionable to highlight alternative means of extracting oil. As we all know and as President Obama once pointed out “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” The same holds true in the oil extraction business as various methods … Continued

Tremont Electric nPower Aims to Charge Small Devices Kinetically

Triple Pundit is excited to be a media partner for this year’s Sustainable Brands conference in Monterey, CA on June 7-10. This post is part of a showcase for SB10’s Innovation Open – an early stage business competition that brings 11 exciting new ideas to the stage. Be sure to drop by the competition on … Continued

Hip Investor: How To Invest Without Compromising Your Values

Investment adviser and author R. Paul Herman holds a rare belief: that investments can do good and make money at the same time.  And he seems to be proving it.  Gone are the days when we were forced to choose between our values or high returns.  I’ve been eagerly following HIP Investor and its CEO … Continued

Greenbutts: Is Greening Cigarettes a Good Idea?

Sometimes ideas sound better on paper (or monitor) than in reality, and I’m wondering if Greenbutts is one of them. Greenbutts seeks to do something about a source of blight and environmental impact that cuts across cultures and classes: cigarette butt waste. I’ve long been astonished by how many people casually toss their cigarettes, often … Continued

How to Engage Private Providers to Deliver Care to Rural Poor

By Gopi Gopalakrishnan & Karen Pak Oppenheimer, World Health Partners Access to services has always been recognized as one of the chief determinants of health status.  In less developed countries, access is weak particularly for rural communities since formally qualified providers are often unavailable and the weak infrastructure makes availability of products, transportation or information inadequate.  … Continued

Give Something Back: Turning Paper Into Food

Give Something Back Business Products consistently upends my preconception that office supply companies must be boring.  If you can be remarkable and generous selling paperclips, then the sky is the limit when it comes to social business. GSB has long been a leader in, well, giving something back to the community.  Since launching in 1991, … Continued

Did Minerals Management Service Director Resign Or Get Fired?

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced the resignation of Minerals Management Service (MMS) Director Elizabeth Birnbaum on Thursday  at the congressional hearing where she was scheduled to testify. Birnbaum did not show up to the hearing. Birnbaum served as the MMS director since July 2009. Neither Salazar’s remarks or Birnbaum’s indicate she was fired. “Elizabeth Birnbaum … Continued

Puma Propagates Sustainability Down the Supply Chain

Puma, in cooperation with the Global Reporting Initiative has announced today, at the GRI Global Conference in Amsterdam, its intention to bring unprecedented transparency as well as enhanced social and working conditions to workers throughout their strategic supplier network.

(VIDEO) Adam Green On Boats That Build Kids

This article originally appeared on Dowser.org. Dowser Audio Slideshow: Adam Green, Rocking the Boat from Dowser on Vimeo. Adam Green believes in teaching 21st century job and life skills through old fashioned wooden boat building.

Does It Matter How “Informed” Shoppers Are?

By Leslie Back I love being a student, especially this time around. I am seven weeks into my Sustainable MBA and I am delighted by what I am working on. Well, let me qualify that. I like most of what I am working on. In truth, my statistics book cures insomnia, but the class has … Continued

Crowd Funding: A New Way to Finance Your Startup

Amidst the chaos of a global financial meltdown, it can be easy to overlook certain aspects of banking that are less urgent. VC funding seems to have flown under the radar as of late, however, it makes a big difference for entrepreneurs who are looking for funding to jumpstart their new businesses. Sadly, it’s now … Continued

Cape Wind Power Will Cost Twice As Much, But Opens Door to Other Projects

In a sign of the uphill battle offshore wind power has in winning over skeptics, electricity from the nation’s first wind farm off Cape Cod is expected to cost twice as much as that from conventional sources. But at the same time, approval of the 130 turbine Cape Wind project has upped the prospects of … Continued

How Some Napa Vinters Are Responding to Climate Change

Wine grapes are very sensitive to temperature, as my vineyard farmer grandfather used to tell me. He would cite the difference in the quality of wines in areas with coastal breezes and the land-locked San Joaquin Valley as an example. A team of scientists said in a 2006 study published in the Proceedings of the … Continued