Environmental Groups Win Settlement on Factory Farm Data

A coalition of environmental groups has reached a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency over the monitoring of concentrated animal feeding operations, (CAFOs), aka factory farms. The settlement, between the EPA and the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Waterkeeper Alliance and the Sierra Club, requires the EPA to propose expanded information gathering on CAFOs. Within twelve … Continued

Some Really Great Bad News: The Right Choice for a Sustainability Student

By Leslie Back Last week, while speaking at the Green Economy Business and Leadership Briefing, Will Day, Chairman of the UK’s Sustainable Development Commission and advisor to the UN Development Program (UNDP), suggested that sustainability is the greatest business opportunity of the 21st century. The presentation, delivered to Irish business leaders, served fair warning that … Continued

Putting People First in the Nonprofit Sector

James Weinberg for Commongood Careers Nonprofit organizations don’t create change. The people who work for nonprofit organizations create change. Imagine your favorite nonprofit. Maybe you work for one, maybe you support one. Now imagine if that organization had no money in the bank, no data on its computers, no branded materials for its mailings. Imagine … Continued

The Green Economy: Strategies for Building Green Jobs Development Initiatives

By Vale Jokisch at BALLE conference 2010 In February of last year, President Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  The $787 billion act included $500 million allocated to train “green-collar workers” in the environmental sector.  The inclusion of this funding in the bill was a major boon for the city of … Continued

Samasource and the Business of Alleviating Poverty

We’ve covered the inspiring work of Samasource before. But we felt we’d be remiss for wrapping up our series on the social side of sustainability without including another look at this innovative effort.  Though it is a non-profit, Samasource works as a bridge between profit-based, socially-responsible companies, and marginalized people in countries such as Africa and throughout … Continued

How Can a Company Shape Its Social Media Message?

Any company can have problems shaping its social media message. However, a company in the midst of a public relations crisis has a very difficult time these days controlling its message online. The Twitter account BPGlobalPR is a great example. The account posts entries like, “We feel terrible about spilling oil in American waters, we’ll … Continued

Nature Conservatory Stands By Corporate Partnerships, Including With BP

Mark Tercek, The Nature Conservancy’s president and CEO, defended the environmental group’s past relationship with oil company BP in an online chat today with the public that included many angry Conservancy members. The chat followed negative publicity stemming from news reports that the Conservancy had received nearly $10 million in cash and land donations from BP … Continued

Creating Unlimited Opportunities in India

Since opening its economy in the early 1990s, India has shown incredible promise, demonstrating rapid growth and entrepreneurial spirit.  But festering social issues still remain for many of its citizens, including poverty and a lack of opportunities and resources.  Many NGOs are devoted to improving the lives of many Indians, and India’s government has recently … Continued

Cruise Line Industry Association Reacts Strongly to Environmental Report Card

Friends of the Earth’s second annual report card on cruise lines’ environmental impact made waves with an industry association, which called it “another flawed report.”‘ Four cruise lines, including Royal Carribbean and Carnival Cruises, the world’s largest, received grades in the D range, while one, Crystal Cruises, received an F. Holland America Line received the … Continued

SB10: Real Companies, Sustainable Profits

The Sustainable Brands 2010 (SB10) conference scheduled for June 7-10 in Monterey, California, will offer four days of speakers from some of our most recognized companies that will be providing case studies and discussions on their best practices for growing sustainably, responsibly, and profitably. I attended last year’s SB09 and it was excellent. Just the … Continued

Ultra Motor’s A2B: A Really Nice Ride, if You Can Afford It

At the recent Taste of Ki eco-chic product showcase, I was lucky enough to be able to take a test-ride on a very nice electric bicycle, the A2B, made by Ultra Motors. … While the bike itself appeared to be a well-constructed, well-designed and well-thought-out piece of personal transportation, I wondered exactly who would be buying it, given its whopping $20,000 price tag.

Reinventing Growth: Locally-Focused Businesses Scaling Deep, Not Wide

By Vale Jokisch at BALLE conference 2010 Many folks in the local economy movement believe that small businesses can compete effectively.  But what happens when a community-based business wants or feels the pressure to grow?  Is it possible for a small, local business to grow without compromising its commitment to sustainability, people, and community?  Are … Continued

Consumers Know: Where They Spend Their Money Matters

With many people calling for a boycott of BP for its lack of effective action in last month’s oil spill disaster, it is clear that consumers understand that where they spend their money matters.  Whether boycotts are effective or not is not the question…a lot of times, it’s the attention such efforts receive, which leads … Continued