Dell’s Bamboo Cushions: A Compostable and Locally Sourced Sustainable Packaging Option

Dell’s corporate initiative to create packaging that’s environmentally responsible end-to-end cleared another hurdle a few weeks ago when the company’s innovative bamboo cushions received (ASTM) D-6400 certification from the American Society for Testing and Materials. This certification means that: Dell’s new packaging option will compost and biodegrade at a rate comparable to known compostable materials … Continued

Should Ferrari Have to Build Hybrids?

My father has a 1964 Triumph TR4 sports car. I have no idea what the mileage or emissions are, but they can’t be great. I’m sure it wouldn’t pass the smog test here in California, nor measure up to President Obama’s recently instituted CAFE standards for new cars — not by a mile. In fact, my … Continued

Alliance Between Canada’s Leading Paper Companies and Environmental Groups Announced

ForestEthics, a Canadian environmental group, launched a campaign targeting the office supply industry ten years ago. In 2007, ForestEthics launched a successful campaign to get Victoria’s Secret’s parent company Limited Brands out of Canada’s Boreal Forest, the second largest forest in the world, which was being logged at a rate of two acres a minute. … Continued

Brits Following Americans in Attitudes about Global Warming

Uh-oh. Fewer citizens of the UK now believe global warming is an urgent problem than at any time in the last four years, according to a survey out this week by pollster YouGov (PDF). The percentage of British who believe that global warming is either “scare-mongering and we should ignore it” or that “it’s not … Continued

Purell Launches a “Green” Hand Sanitizer

I want to kill two birds with one stone in this post. The first is to let everyone know there is, at long last, an eco-certified hand sanitizer. The second is to clear up a common misconception about hand sanitizers, one I held myself until I did some research for this story. But first, the exciting … Continued

Record Number of Businesses Support Climate Change Legislation

A tally by American Businesses for Clean Energy (ABCE) shows more than 6,000 American businesses support clean energy and climate legislation, including nearly a quarter of the Fortune 100. The analysis, released last week in collaboration with the We Can Lead campaign, found that those businesses employed 3.5 million Americans and had $3.5 trillion in … Continued

Biofuel Bill Would Allow Federal Forests to be Feedstock

One reason bills addressing climate change have difficulty passing in Congress is structural.  Because each state has equal representation in the Senate, 11% of the population has enough heft to stall any bill through a filibuster.  Regardless of party affiliation, senators in the northern prairie states have a history of opposing any bill focused on … Continued

Conferences Un-Done: How the “Unconference” Format Reconnects Participation

By Simon Dunne Sharing leads to progress. The $122 billion dollar conference industry knows it well. We come together to share knowledge and experiences so that we’ll learn from each other and progress together. So the blossoming sustainability conference scene is no surprise. Highlights on the schedule include behemoths like Sustainable Brands, the Cleantech Forum, … Continued

How a Company-Created Curriculum Can Work in Schools

You’ve heard it over the years: Company creates curriculum for schools, with conflicted teachers not wanting to advertise to their students, but at the same time at a deficit in terms or resources. Frequently, this is a justifiable concern, as companies have advertising and product placement throughout. This is a mistake. No matter the short … Continued

Energy Independence Begins at Home

Imagine how secure you would feel having your own energy source sitting on your roof as you watched energy prices go soaring through it.

Microfinance in America…Is The Paradigm Changing?

By Bryan Stubbs While not perfect, microfinance and Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) have been shown to be an effective tool in aiding mircoenterprises throughout third world communities. The positive impact they have on alleviating poverty and empowering entrepreneurs have been well publicized (Grameen Bank or BRAC). And while challenges remain (high interest rates/impact of the entrance … Continued

What Does the Green Economy Victory at NUMMI Mean?

Triple Pundit’s BC Upham chronicled the partnership, recently announced, between Toyota and Tesla Motors to reopen part of the NUMMI plant in Fremont, CA, creating a coup for the green economy and the SF Bay Area as it establishes itself as the hub of sustainable enterprise and green jobs.  For those of us who’ve watched … Continued

The Five Stages of Coping with Sustainability

Going Green would be easy if people were rational. Instead, even the most well-intentioned companies find that becoming sustainable is like a trip to the analyst’s couch. They find themselves asking “why are such simple changes so hard?” over and over again.

Can Small, Local Businesses Compete in a Globalized Market?

By Vale Jokisch at BALLE conference 2010 According to Michael Shuman, author of The Small-Mart Revolution, the answer to that question is a resounding yes.  Despite the growing presence of big box chain stores in the US and abroad, Shuman has witnessed a growing number of small businesses using entrepreneurial strategies to gain a competitive … Continued

Toyota and Tesla Go for a Spin

Japanese car maker Toyota and glossy electric vehicle start-up Tesla announced a partnership last week that will bring production of Tesla’s Model S sedan to a recently-shuttered Toyota plant in Fremont, California. Toyota has traditionally taken a pessimistic view of the commercial viability of all-electric vehicles, and perhaps a dim view of the companies that … Continued