The Beat Waste Startup Challenge


By the Myoo Create Team

If you haven’t already heard, right now there’s a boat constructed of 12,000 plastic bottles sailing across the Pacific to highlight the growing problem of plastic waste trashing our oceans. It’s what Triple Pundit contributor Bill Di Benedetto called: “a publicity stunt that’s also pretty neat.”

Well, now the Plastiki Crew are moving beyond inspiration and a “neat publicity stunt” to support early stage startups and entrepreneurs with good business ideas to tackle waste. They’ve partnered with Sculpt the Future Foundation to fund a start-up business plan competition. There’s $25,000 on the line, as well as the opportunity to pitch a game-changing panel of thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs (Paul Hawken of WiserEarth, Adam Lowry of Method, Zem Joaquin of eco-Fabulous, Premal Shaw of Kiva, Lynell Cameron of Autodesk, Graham Hill of TreeHugger, Blake Mycoskie of Tom’s Shoes, and of course the resident eco-adventurer himself, David de Rothschild).

I think I just heard the collective entrepreneurial sigh of “not another business plan competition!” But the Beat Waste Startup Challenge was intentionally designed for ease of entry. Its intent is to support eco and social entrepreneurs, not waste their time (arguably an entrepreneurs scarcest resource). That’s why all it takes to enter the challenge is a 3 minute (max) elevator pitch video. Once the field is narrowed, and the chances of reward greatly increased, more details (like a business plan) will be requested. The other unique feature of this contest, besides it’s attempt to find business that have the potential to do well while reducing waste, is its openness. All entrants upload their videos for the first round, and the crowd helps provide feedback and votes to surface the best idea. Check out how you can upload your video or help out with the contest by voting here.

And check out some of our very first entrants here.

The challenge is hosted by Myoo Create, a new triple bottom line start-up looking to rapidly increase the rate of environmental and social innovation. We provide the platform for me + you (Myoo) to work together on environmental and social challenges by hosting prize-driven innovation competitions around sustainability issues.

In the ever-growing ecosystem of on-line competitions, collaboration, and coopetition, Myoo Create is seeking to reduce the barrier to large organizations, small organization, innovators, geeks, entrepreneurs and creatives working together tackling environmental and social challenges. We’re looking to maximize impact and benefit, and minimize the amount of time and resources wasted. We’ve set up what we think is a pretty virtuous circle. Organizations can post challenges on the site to increase their pace of innovation around environmental and social challenges while reducing the cost of addressing these problems. Interested entrpreneurs, creatives, innovators, environmental enthusiasts, hobbyists, or anyone have the opportunity to engage around issues their passionate about, while potentially being rewarded for that engagement financially. By connecting resources and people around important challenges, we hopefully end up with a happier, saner, cleaner planet. It’s a win, win, win. Myoo Create keeps its virtual doors open by collecting a hosting fee for helping to design and run the challenges.

We’re students of mass collaboration, and believe nobody is as smart as everybody. So after you’re done submitting your grand idea for beating waste to the start-up competition, please stop on in and tell us what you think.

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