Coca-Cola Europe: Companies Must Push for More Than Incremental Change

Coca-Cola Europe’s recycling director, Patrick McGuirk, recently acknowledged at a London trade show that his firm and others must do more than make incremental changes to their operations. To that end, McGuirk said that firms like his must look beyond the effects their activities have in their factories, warehouses, and retail outlets. Currently recycling focuses on at-store collection and targeted, or “on the go” recycling centers on city streets. But the fact remains that most waste is still generated at consumers’ homes, and companies could have a role in educating and motivating consumers.

FAA Awards $125 Million for Sustainable Aviation

Whenever I check my carbon footprint, I always do extremely well—until I get to the end when they ask the inevitable questions about air travel. I know I am not alone in this. A number of friends and colleagues who are committed, green professionals, share the same Achilles heel that apparently results in a larger footprint.

Starbucks Pilot Program Recycles Cups into Napkins

This fall, Starbucks’ stores in Chicago will start sending used cups to a Green Bay, WI, paper mill, where a Georgia Pacific facility will turn them into napkins. The program will start small but is a significant step to address the company’s devouring of 3 billion paper cups and 1 billion plastic cups annually. Starbucks wants recycling at all of its stores by 2015, and is focusing on two approaches: first, recycling bins at all of its stores, and second, finding a market for all those dirty cups that otherwise end up in a landfill.

Want $10 Million? X Prize Foundation Announces Prize for Gulf Oil Spill Solution

While politicians in Washington, DC and beyond cast blame for who is responsible for the Deepwater Horizon disaster, government agencies and businesses are scrambling and suggesting novel ideas for cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico.  Hair stylists have sent boxes of human hair to the Gulf, with suspect results—and with the tar balls spreading, there … Continued

Leveraging Game Mechanics to Spread Sustainability: Four Rules

By Eric Liu and Connie Kwan Children explore the real world through play, while ironically, adults play games to escape the real world.  But one thing is certain: people love to play games.  So how can we use games to make a difference in the real world? Awareness: going viral Just one month after its … Continued

Africa’s Largest Wind Farm Opens in Morocco

Earlier this week, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI officially inaugurated a wind farm in the town of Melloussa.   With 165 turbines and a production capacity of 140 megawatts, the farm is touted as Africa’s largest wind farm. Besides significantly reducing CO2 emissions, the farm is expected to save over 125,000 metric tons of oil annually. With … Continued

Melting Ice and Rising Temperatures

The Arctic is making news this year, but it isn’t good news. Now that the summer solstice has passed and the Arctic sea ice melt season has kicked into high gear, the Arctic sea ice extent is declining rapidly, and setting record lows for June. In May, Arctic air temperatures remained well above average, and … Continued

Bicycling Banned in Colorado Casino Town

A small casino town in Colorado is cracking the whip when it comes to “pedaling.”  Black Hawk, population 100, recently outlawed a popular activity for “health and safety” reasons.   And believe it or not, the crackdown isn’t on gambling, drinking or smoking. It’s bicycling… the reason – casinos complain that cyclists get in the way … Continued

Should We Start Saying “Beyond Shell” ?

After a long record of safety violations, questionable labor practices, and not to mention a gushing deep sea well that has flowed without mercy for two months, we all know how genuine BP’s green marketing campaign panned out.  Nevertheless, Shell is moving fast to usurp BP’s role as an energy company quick to tout how … Continued

The Advent of Benchmarking Sustainability

By Derrick Mains Just a few years ago, sustainability was a PROFITS, planet and people movement focused on financial ROI and tangible, calculable bottom-line benefits. But an evolution has taken place. Businesses are now starting to recognize that green is multidimensional. It isn’t just a coupling of a reduced carbon footprint and ROI, it is … Continued

Intelligent Technologies Hold Key To Greener Buildings

By Karl Griffith, Director of Enterprise Markets at Graybar A debate is a brewing in green-building circles as architects, engineers and designers consider what it means to incorporate intelligent-building elements into sustainable, “green” structures. Since taking off in the early 2000s, the green building movement has made great progress. By 2013, LEED-registered projects are forecastedto … Continued

G8 Summit Reflects Canada’s Climate Change Policies

No one should be surprised that the G8 Summit in Toronto came and went with almost no mention of global warming. After all, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the rotating G8 President this year, and his government has been named the world’s Colossal Fossil at each of the last three climate summits. The message … Continued

Video Interview: Derek Young of Invista

Invista was a success story I found at the SB10 conference. In this video interview with Derek Young of Invista, Young outlines how his firm has successfully designed a product to achieve both a lower emissions footprint and price competitiveness. He profiles his firm’s use of Life Cycle Analysis to create carpet fiber. Invista’s new … Continued

Spain’s Power Struggle with Solar Power

The dark side of trying to jump start renewable energy in a cash-poor economy is playing out with reports that Spain is under heavy pressure to reverse or tone down plans to reduce its special ‘feed-in tariffs’ (FiTs) for photovoltaic energy operators. The reductions are intended to staunch some heavy and unanticipated monetary bleeding caused … Continued