Elements Naturals Compostable Baby Wipes Made from Plants

All else being equal, if you had the choice of using an oil-based product or a compostable, renewable plant based product on your baby’s delicate skin, which would you choose?  

Elements Naturals uses plant-derived products in a completely compostable baby wipe.  Unlike many other baby wipes, these products are free from synthetic chemicals, foaming agents and harsh preservatives.  The wipes, chemical and chlorine-free, are EcoCert and Natural Products Association certified.   Soft enough for a baby’s bum, the durable wipes also contain certified-organic aloe vera and purified water.   

The Oregon company was founded in 2007 by Linda Naerheim.   Developed by a mom with “babies and the environment in mind”, Naerheim wanted to create a product for her baby that did not contain harsh chemicals.  After a year of research, Elements Naturals was launched.  The company also donates one percent of its proceeds to “1% For the Planet.”

The high-quality baby wipes are made out of Ingeo Fibers, touted as the “world’s first man-made fiber created from 100 percent annually renewable plant resources.”  While Ingeo uses sugar from field corn, sugar from sugar cane, sugar beets and wheat could also be used.  Certified by GeneScan, Ingeo does not contain any genetically modified materials.

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