Can Free Trade Be Fair?

Critics of free trade want it to be fairer, while proponents of free trade think making it fairer places an undue burden on governments. The Economist recently had an online debate about making free trade fairer. But what exactly is fair trade, anyway? Deborah James, in her book Fair Trade, Not Free Trade defines it … Continued

American Airlines Pilots Balk at Directive to Fly With Less Fuel

American Airlines has instructed its pilots to reduce the amount of fuel they carry on flights, resulting so far in little more than a brewing fight between labor and management. The airline wants to save energy and money by using computerized modeling to load less fuel, and if pilots object, they have to complete paperwork explaining why.

Young Designer Finds New Home for Playing Cards and Zippers

Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, based in South Carolina, designs furniture that not only looks chic in a living room, office, or boutique hotel, but uses materials that generally would never find a second life other than slow, painful decomposing in a landfill. Leading a group of skilled craftsmen from various backgrounds, Caldwell and his studio, BRC Designs, churn out production and custom pieces, none of which are exactly alike.

How Sustainable is Your Personal Supply Chain?

Do you know your supply chain?

Most people don’t. Most people never think of themselves as consumers, producers, and service providers who use companies and businesses to accomplish their goals.

CSR May Help Build a Good Reputation, But Can’t Salvage a Brutal One

Mary Ann Ferguson’s research team asked over 750 people to look at companies’ CSR programs and report two conclusions: whether the type of CSR program affected their feeling toward the company, and whether the company’s overall reputation affected their feeling.

More Fraud Within the Clean Development Mechanism

A consortium of North American and European activists have demanded sweeping changes to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) after charging that up to one-third of all CERs ever sold may have been illegitimate. The groups are demanding an investigation to determine whether a number of coolant firms have manipulated the marketplace since 2005 by deliberately … Continued

Video Interview: Mike Kerwin on Gaining Green Technology Acceptance

Many businesses are finding out the hard way that going green faces significant barriers to implementation from government agencies and utilities slow to accept technology change. In this video interview with Mike Kerwin, a green builder, Kerwin speaks to his experience attempting to be one of the first home builders to incorporate rainwater recapture systems … Continued

Hospital Food Gets a Check-Up

I find it ironic that some of the most unhealthy food can be found in a place where people are receiving medical treatment for chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. After all, isn’t healthy food an integral part of the healing process? Given the bad reputation that ‘hospital food’ has, there are  substantial … Continued

Take a Tour of eBay’s Eco-House

Standing out on the exhibit floor was eBay’s eco-house. Partnering with Levi’s, Reclaimed Space, and Pacific Sales, this chic house showcased the latest in innovative design, energy-efficient appliances, a living outdoor wall, and water-saving features, all without sacrificing style.

LOHAS Boulder Tour ShowsThe Power of Story Telling

By Pauline S Chandler A bus load of 35 LOHAS conference participants headed out last week to tour five businesses in Boulder, Colorado.  On our tour we visited: 1. Ecocyle 2. Celestial Seasonings 3. Gaiam 4. Ellies 5. Tesla As I try to synthesize this day, I am struck by the power of story telling … Continued

Companies Discover Saving Water Saves Money

Saving water saves money. So say companies surveyed last month by research analyst Ethical Corporation. According to the recently released report, Unlocking the Profit in Water Savings, 99 percent of corporate sustainability managers saw water becoming a top priority for businesses in the next five to 10 years. Over half (52 percent) of sustainability managers … Continued

Fox News on the Misinformation Bandwagon About the Gulf Oil Spill

Media Matters for America recently published a list of falsehoods about the Gulf Oil spill that have been presented by Fox News. Their list of myths and falsehood begins with Fox news people staunchly defending BP in the Gulf. Apparently, the good folks at Fox News believe that in their role as a responsible news organization, looking out for regular, middle of the road American people, it is important to not let the truth out when it comes to corporate malfeasance, because that could lead to a loss of jobs.

Reusable Bag E.Coli Scare: Industry Exaggeration?

By David Abraham This month, researchers at the University of Arizona released a study (PDF) showing that reusable grocery bags might be contaminated with E. Coli and other harmful bacteria.  They conclude that bags must be washed frequently to avoid cross contamination with other items. Sounds like a problem. However, the source of the $30,000 in funding … Continued

A Tale of Two Plastic Bottles at LOHAS Forum

More articles on the controversy surrounding bottled water can be found here! During an information-sharing panel at the LOHAS Forum about the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf, many attendees had one simple question: what could they do to help? Charles Hambleton, producer of the documentary The Cove, suggested that anyone wanting to improve the … Continued

Raising Capital in Turbulent Times for Sustainable Ventures

An afternoon session at the LOHAS Conference gave aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to ask panelists in the financial world about raising capital, especially during this economic environment.  The panel included Joseph Durnford, CEO of JD Ford Associates, Joseph Anzalone, Vice President of New Resource Bank, Rich Frankenheimer of Touchpoint Trust Group, and Deb Parsons, Co-Director … Continued