Intuit Partners with Freecycle for Office Recycling Programs

As more of us try to concoct ways to become more “green” or “sustainable,” one of the most tried and true methods to reduce one’s carbon output is to just not buy new items in the first place.  It’s easy to focus on solar panels, composting bins, double-paned windows, or weatherizing your home.  But if more of us would be content using used products, that alone would make a huge step in reducing the depletion of our resources.

Freecycle and Intuit are onto something.  Freecycle, the global recycling and repurposing network that has 7 million users (or “reusers”?), and Intuit, the personal finance software company, have partnered to launch Freecycle@Work, a free online application for anyone to access when establishing Freecycle programs at their companies and educating coworkers about reuse.

Perhaps the unwanted or unneeded items are your household goods.  Maybe that file cabinet is hogging room in your cubicle.  For the home and office, Freecycle@Work makes it simple to repurpose equipment or to even search for items for a favorite charity of non-profit.  Employees can send unneeded office equipment to other departments, or a group of workers can band together and gather items for a favorite charity.  Furthermore, employees with access to Freecycle@Work can log into their accounts and view the number of pounds of material that were diverted from a landfill.  Freecycle claims that its subscriber bases saves about one landfill’s worth of space daily.

It’s easy to understand why Freecycle works so well.  First of all, everyone loves the word “FREE.”  To that end, Freecycle states that 80% of goods marked for “FREE” (offered) are claimed and reused; only 20% of goods are posted via a “wanted” link get claimed.  For organizations considering such a program, the key is to have a few desirable items posted early on—and then the news goes viral.

The process is simple, but the Intuit-Freecycle partnership can only help people to regain a lost community spirit, while reducing our society’s needs for natural resources as well.  For young companies and solo consultants, this is a great way to find cost savings while avoiding having to buy new items.

More information on the Freecycle@Work program, which runs off of Intuit’s QuickBase product, is available here.

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  1. Thanks for bringing my attention to this effort. Intuit launches another program that will help small businesses become more sustainable; thanks for your continued efforts on this front, Intuit. I especially appreciate the idea of recycling used office furniture and providing it to charities and non-profit organizations. It's a great way to support your local community and charitable endeavors while diverting large, solid waste from a landfill; this clearly fulfills the people and planet portion of the triple bottom line. It is also nice to see that Intuit and Freecycle will help businesses to track their waste diversion through an online program. This will be an important component for helping businesses stay transparent to their customers and the community at large in their sustainability efforts, which is vital to help address concerns of greenwashing.

    – Tim Kovach
    Product Coordinator, Energy at COSE

  2. Good move by Freecycle. I'd always characterized their program as awesome, but pretty basic and not really strongly branded. Teaming up with Intuit ought to give them a shot at a new level, plus brining a big new corporate angle to the game!

  3. Is there an e-mail or address where the Freecycle national headquarters can be contacted regarding questions/ideas/suggestions? If so may I please get a copy of this information.

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