Do Energy Consumers Understand How and Why to Save?

If you looked at your house on a cloudy day and noticed the shingles on the roof were worn, you might make a mental note to replace them at some point. But if you looked up and saw a big gaping hole, you’d move much faster to cover it up before those ominous black clouds … Continued

Given the iPhone Hiccup, Is Apple Still Green?

I was disappointed by recent reports that Apple refused to allow its iPhone to be included in the UK’s first green ranking scheme for mobile phones. I was even more disappointed that the appointed spokesperson refused to elaborate on the reasoning behind the decision. Since the rankings are based on manufacturers’ responses to 63 product … Continued

Korean Firms Become Huge Players in the Solar Industry

An acquisition of the Norwegian firm Elkem could set Posco back about US$1 billion. Founded over 100 years ago as an aluminum supplier, Elkem expanded its business into the rapidly growing silicon market over the past decade. This transaction is just one example of Korean firms investing heavily in solar.

What Is the Dual Mission Business Model?

A recent survey of public charity and private foundations revealed that 40 percent of respondents saw contributions decline more in the first five months of this year than in 2009. However, 63 percent of respondents also saw an increase for their services. Non-profit organizations are clearly struggling to get donations. Enter the dual mission business … Continued

Should Maine Sell Carbon Credits for Weatherization?

The State of Maine has an ambitious goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 10% below 1990 levels by 2020. To meet this objective, Maine has engaged in several efforts, most notably participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the first mandatory cap-and-trade system in the US. As of July 2010, the state has generated … Continued

Small & Medium Sized Enterprises: Why Do a GRI Report?

The following post is part of a series on 3p about the global reporting initiative and is part of a promotion for our upcoming GRI certification course in November By Brooks Nelson Getting training to create a sustainability report can be a hard sell. As part of a small/medium sized enterprise I am called on … Continued

Nestlé and Rainforest Alliance Partner to Improve Coffee Sourcing

In the coming decade, Nestlé will work on improving coffee yields while mitigating environmental damage with the sustainable agriculture advocacy group The Rainforest Alliance. The US$336 million Nescafé Plan commits Nestlé to expand its agricultural research and training capacity for the benefit the 25 million people who make their living growing and trading coffee beans.

Climate Change, Like A Flood, Hits Those at the Bottom Hardest

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a flood in your area, the first question you’ll want to ask yourself is how high up the hill you are. You’ll want to get yourself to safety and then perhaps give a thought to those lower down. Or, if you’re of a more humanitarian nature, you might head … Continued

The Strategy Guaranteed to Transform Online Green Marketing

The following is a post by Paul Hannam of Bright Green Leadership (a 3p sponsor) – offering internet marketing strategies for responsible businesses. The tips and observations in this series are aimed at green entrepreneurs looking to understand how internet technology can benefit them more. Green Marketing will only succeed if it leads to more … Continued