Plug In the Sun With Clarian’s Sunfish Plug-N-Play Solar Power Device

Clarian Technologies has developed a next-generation solar power module that is not only affordable, but is super easy to install.   The new Sunfish is a plug-and-play solar-powered device that plugs right into an existing electrical outlet and automatically generates power as long as the sun is shining.

The simple and portable design allows for easy setup and installation, perfect for home owners and small businesses. Because the product has built-in circuit protection, no dedicated circuit and electrical panel are required.  No additional wiring or expensive contractors are needed. 

The polycrystalline solar panel can be mounted on a wall, deck, garden or roof.  The panel connects to the Plug-n-Play Power Module, which syncs to the circuit monitor and generates power.  Consumers are also able to monitor and track production online with Google PowerMeter.

The Sunfish is available in two models.  The 200-watt system produces enough clean energy to power your lights and takes about one to two hours to install. The larger 1kW system can power electronics or household appliances like a washing machine, microwave or fridge.  Installation of the larger system takes about six hours.

Because built-in safety features prevent the Sunfish from generating power during a complete power outage, the product is not intended to provide backup power when there’s a power outage.  All components are UL certified. And with no moving parts, the device is practically maintenance free.

Still in development, the Sunfish will be available in home improvement and retail stores in 2011.  The 200W system will retail between $599 and $799 while the 1kW system is expected to retail from $2,995 to $3,995.  Pre-orders are currently being accepted.

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