Interview: Michael Rocke of Cool Planet Biofuels Talks Carbon Negative Gasoline


Imagine a technology that can take non-food biomass like corn stalks or wood chips and directly convert it into high octane, competitively priced gasoline. And further, image that this technology also produces a carbon fertilizer that is returned to the soil so that the more gasoline you consume the more you reduce CO2 emissions

One of the most exciting technologies I saw at the recently held Always On Summit at Stanford conference claims to be able to produce Negative Carbon Gasoline. This video with Michael Rocke of CoolPlanetBioFuels profiles their technology for producing high octane, competitively priced gasoline from non-food biomass that holds the potential for being a major solution to both climate change and our dependence upon foreign oil.

An American Car Revolution has begun. Technologies are now entering production that offer our country a new future free of imported oil, pain at the pump and climate change. Technologies are now emerging to enable all electric cars offering the range we expect and a cost effective alternative to fossil fuels. TODAY, the trunks we depend upon to deliver our on-line purchases can be reused and recycled to achieve gasoline mileage better than what most of us achieve in our cars. And our bio-chemists are developing exciting solutions for literally turning biomass waste into gasoline targeting a net zero carbon emission result.

The question facing all of us as individuals and as a country is whether we will seize this opportunity or allow legacy inertia against change stand in the way of a new, sustainable economy. Today our country desperately needs jobs. We need to balance our trade deficient. We need to be again the world’s technology beacon shining a light upon a more promising world. All of this is there to be realized if we just embrace change and the accelerating Green Economic Revolution!

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