Interview: Trisha Jung, Chief Marketing Manager for Nissan

A technology revolution is about to reshape the cars we drive and the fuels we use. This revolution will eliminate the $800 billion we annually ship to overseas oil producers, keeping this money in our economy and using it to create American jobs. This technology revolution will enable consumers to pay $1.40 to drive 50 miles compared to the $6+ you pay at the pump to drive 50 miles today (if you get 20 miles per gallon from your gasoline fueled car).

This technology promises fun performance including neck-snapping acceleration and smart dashboards that will glow with information from computer screens providing real time connection to the Internet “cloud.”

This car will satisfy the desire of 53% of Americans (as surveyed by AAA) for a zero emission vehicle. You guessed it. It’s the electric car.

I spent two intense weeks talking to pioneering engineers and technologists showcasing their work at Plug-In 2010, the Always On Summit held at Stanford University and the Cleantech Open hosted in the heart of Silicon Valley.

I begin this article series interviewing Trisha Jung, Chief Marketing Manager for the  Nissan Leaf talking about their all-electric “Leaf.” I start here because market research says consumers will buy green if they see a value proposition that they define as “Cost Less, Mean More.” Nissan is attempting to make this consumer connection offering Californian’s the opportunity to drive all electric with a lease payment of less than $200 per month!

Of course, you don’t have to lease a Leaf to drive this first generation of electric cars. Enterprise Rent A Car just announced they will begin renting the Leaf in January in many cities.

The market research suggests the Millennial Generation will absolutely embrace the Leaf as part of their cosmopolitan living/work lifestyles. Their EcoDads and their Concerned Caregivers moms will want the Chevy Volt that I profile in tomorrow’s article.


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  1. I am very interested, and believe I am like many in that I did not expect to jump into this market right away, but it sounds so good. Thanks for all the great [insider] information, you are a great resource Mr. Bill Roth!

  2. Just found out on the 220 volt charger, that the cord is not activated until it is plugged into the car, nice feature to make sure you don’t get shocked. I’Getting excited for December!

  3. That television commercial is driving me insane!  I hear it every 10 minutes on every channel.  I promise you that I will never buy a Nissan simply because of that stupid commercial. 

  4. The spate of ‘innovation’ ads are big non-sequiturs.  The ads are fun to watch, but impart NOTHING substantive about your vehicles.  And, the ads defy reality.  If a Boeing 727 were to drop its front end wheel into one of your pickups, the suspension would bottom out completely, maybe even destroying the truck.  If anybody could drive your pickup through the snow at a ski run, ending with a flip over, the driver would most likely end up dead.  Of course, the pickup would have sunk into the snow farther up, effectively getting nowhere.  Where is the INNOVATION?  Nowhere to be seen or described in the ads.  True stupidty, perhaps of interest to med-loaded college kids and bored-stiff corporate hamsters.  Jeez.  Is this woman worth interviewing?  I think not.

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