Interviews: Jason Hartlove of Nanosys and Edward West of Mission Motors

Today’s Nissan Leaf has a 100-mile driving range per charge. The Chevy Volt has a 350 miles driving range. However, this increased range is achieved through an onboard gasoline generator that can recharge the battery. The expectation is that the next leap in technology will bring solely electric cars with a 300-mile driving range between charges. Consumers will expect it to be price competitive with the operating cost of a 50-mile per gallon hybrid like the Toyota Prius. For driving enthusiasts it would also be cool if it could perform like a Porsche!

The following video interview with Jason Hartlove, CEO of Nanosys profiles their breakthrough nano-technology that promises a 300-mile total electric car by 2014 with an operating cost of $3 per 50 miles.

And this video interview with Edward West of Mission Motors profiles their electric motorcycle showcased at the Cleantech Open that can go 160+ miles per hour! With technological breakthroughs like these, a future filled with electric cars that drive like Porches doesn’t seem so far off.

Exciting technologies like those being developed by Nanosys and Mission Motors offer great promise. Tomorrow’s article profiles a company using existing technologies that can transform delivery trucks into electric hybrids that offer financial paybacks every CFO will love.


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