What do Tabasco Sauce, Bamboo, and Oregon have in common?

How do you thrive as a newer, bamboo focused business in a tough economy, one that’s halved the market in recent years, and actually grow by 40% in that same time? Be everything a customer could need. Do more than people in your category are known for. Operate in a way that others may disagree … Continued

Sugar Cane Ethanol a $2 Billion Bet for Shell

Yesterday energy giant Shell and Cosan SA of Brazil signed binding agreements to form a US$12 billion joint venture for the production and sale of ethanol and electricity from sugar cane.

Do You Really Care if Sun Chips Bags are Loud?

Thirty-three workers remain underground in a Chilean mine and authorities estimate they will be trapped for several more months. We still do not have a climate bill and millions of Pakistan children are at risk for flood-related disease. As I write, a bit of the polar ice cap melts and Americans continue to throw away … Continued

Enovative Kontrol Provides Simple Solution to Water Waste and Energy Consumption

Enovative Kontrol Systems has an electronically controlled water pump that currently operates in over 1000 properties in the Los Angeles area. The D’MAND CIRC pump uses sensors that stops the pump’s operation when the pump should never run: first, during no demand for hot water, or when hot water is already circulating in the buildings’ pipes.

If Natural Gas Can Be Grown on Farms, Can We Also Drill For Broccoli?

This turns out to be a good time for Luca Technologies, a new startup to show up on the scene. Luca has developed a new bio-process for growing natural gas in abandoned coal mines. They do this by injecting, water, microbes and nutrients into dried-up coal bed methane wells.

Reuseit.com Makes Disposable Look Unfashionable

Since its founding in 2002, Reuseit.com has grown 1200%, and reported revenues of US$6.2 billion in 2008. As of April 2010, the firm estimates it has saved consumers from disposing over 850 million items.

Our Competitive Future Depends on Clean Energy

An ongoing debate exists in this country and around the world about whether or not the need to transition away from dirty fuels and toward a clean energy economy is truly pressing. I’d like to simply make the case here that we’re playing with fire, not in a “touchy-feely, climate change is bad” kind of … Continued

Proposition 23 Puts California’s Recovery At Risk

By James Birkelund (originally posted at California Progress Report) With so many sectors of the economy faltering, Californians have reason to celebrate the leadership our state is showing in promoting clean energy and the dramatic potential for job growth it presents. Since 2005, employment in the clean energy sector has grown ten times faster than … Continued

The Hidden Cost of Coal Power

Since 2008, 16 new coal plants came on line, and 16 more are under construction, according to an analysis by the Associated Press (AP). Over 30 new coal plants were either under construction or constructed since 2008, and will generate an estimated total of 17,900 megawatts (MW), enough to power 15.6 million homes, about the … Continued

Where the Right Tangos with the Left: Green Entrepreneurship

The following is a guest post by our friends at Dominican University’s Green MBA Program (a 3p sponsor) – an engaged learning community that seeks to promote financial viability, ecological sustainability, and social justice in business and organizations of all types. By John Stayton, Green MBA Cofounder, Dominican University of California In an era of … Continued

EPA Ruling Could Keep Calif. Coast Cleaner and Shipping Industry in Check

If you read InvestigateWest‘s piece on the cruise industry  this month, or our own coverage of the industry , you know that what happens below deck ain’t nearly as pretty or clean or fun as what happens on deck. But there was good news for the California coastline on Wednesday, when the EPA announced it … Continued

What’s Next Interview with Amy Benziger, Co-Producer of Socap 10

I sat down with Amy Benziger, Co-Producer for the Social Capital Markets conference (Socap), which is in its third year. I’ve attended each year and have enjoyed watching the business for good or social enterprise space unfold and grow. Leading up to this year’s conference I’ll be interviewing a series of thought leaders and Socap … Continued

Tainted Eggs Are a Wake-Up Call

The recent recall of over 500 million salmonella-tainted eggs just might be the catalyst for increased food safety regulation. The fact that the eggs are from Wright County Farms, an Iowa-based producer, serves as a proverbial wake-up call. Unfortunately, owner Austin “Jack” DeCoster is no stranger to fines and lawsuits. In 1996, the Occupation Safety … Continued

IKEA Builds Geothermal Powered Store in Colorado

IKEA worked with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to construct this geothermal system under the store’s parking garage. As deep as 500 feet beneath the garage, 130 pipes, each five and a half inches in diameter, will shoot liquid, which will bring up cold or warm air upon its return to the surface.