6 Startup Trends from TechCrunch Disrupt

I’ve spent the last 3 days at TechCrunch Disrupt learning about the latest and greatest tech startups Silicon Valley (and actually the world) has to offer.  I noticed that many of the start-ups, many of which launched at TechCrunch Disrupt, are doing very similar things.  Here I’ll summarize the trends I saw.  While not totally … Continued

Interview: Joel Makower on Greenbiz Innovation Forum

Triple Pundit’s friend and partner, Greener World Media’s Innovation Forum kicks off in two weeks at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. It’s billed as a catalyst for “Next-Gen Models, Methods, and Mindsets for Transforming Business”. I tracked down GWM’s Joel Makower to ask him a few questions about the conference: 3p: Sustainability + … Continued

Green Jobs: Myth or Reality? A New 3p Series

What is the real story of Green Jobs? Is it just a convenient idea that promises to kill two birds (climate change and unemployment) with one stone? And what is a green job anyway? We get this picture of guys on a rooftop installing solar panels, always on a sunny day. Great. But will there really be millions of those? What else constitutes a green job? If my company decides to become green, does my job then suddenly become a green job? So I decided to put together a series of posts on Green Jobs, which kicks off right here. Hopefully the posts that follow will answer some of those questions.

California Governator Says Prop 23 Corrupts Democratic Process

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke out against Proposition 23 on Monday. Proposition 23 would overturn California’s landmark climate change law, AB 32 or the Global Warming Solutions Act. AB 32 can be called Schwarzenegger’s environmental legacy, and signing it into law is possibly one of the best things he did as the governor of the … Continued

HBS Case Study Suggests Need for C-Level Sustainability Officer

The Harvard Business Review recently sparked a buzz with the online publication of one of its classic case studies—this time a fictional one, and it discusses the evolving conversations that a fictional electronic components manufacturer holds over a potential decision to hire a chief sustainability officer (CSO). HBR case studies are to business courses what … Continued

SoCap 2010 Explores Next Steps in Impact Investing

The term “impact investing” has been making the rounds in recent months.  Just last week the Clinton Global Initiative announced the launch of Global Impact 50, an index of the top 50 impact investment fund managers delivering financial returns while creating social and environmental value.  It is estimated that the potential market for impact investing … Continued

Teaching Women Technology Boosts Agriculture in Ghana

Agriculture has long sparked promise and wreaked frustration in Ghana.  Since the country won its independence over 50 years ago, the countries’ leaders viewed farm commodities as the path towards building wealth in this west African country.  The results have not always been happy ones for Ghana’s people.  An emphasis on high-value crops targeted for … Continued

Greenpeace vs. Facebook: Who is Using More Coal?

I’m all for a snarky cause marketing campaign to expose dirty energy polluters. However, I’m not sure that the recent Greenpeace jab at Facebook will accomplish what it is intended to do. Greenpeace released a video this week that criticizes  Facebook’s use of coal-fired electricity in its Oregon data center. The animated video is narrated … Continued

4 Lessons from Lucrative Clean Tech Investors

What do lucrative investors look for when deciding to fund a clean tech start-up? Two prominent clean tech investors shared important insight on this topic on a panel stage at yesterday’s TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco. Vinod Khosla, one of the world’s leading clean tech investors (of Khosla Ventures), was joined by General Electric’s … Continued

Minorities Fight Back Against Prop. 23

By Orson Aguilar They’re at it again:  Once more, special interests are trying to hijack California’s state ballot to enrich themselves at the expense of our communities. The Latino, African-American and Asian communities that make up California’s new majority are most at risk, and we’re not taking this lying down. San Antonio-based Valero Energy and … Continued

Earth Lunch Hour on Oct. 6 Raises Awareness of Food, Energy, and Water Issues

You have probably heard of WWF’s Earth Hour, during which lights dim around the world in recognition of energy’s impact on the climate, wildlife, and society.  The next Earth Hour will be March 26 at 8:30pm in your time zone.  Meanwhile, we have another hour that will raise awareness about food:  set your clocks for … Continued

Win or Lose, Have a Post November Plan Ready

The climate around Proposition 23 (Prop 23) is heating up.  Supporters are touting its passage as supporting job creation in California.  The opposition suggests that Prop 23  is a play to continue dirty energy.  Urgency amongst sustainability folk is to ensure Prop 23 does not pass.  However, regardless if Prop 23 passes or fails, as … Continued

“All Natural” Removed from Ben & Jerry’s Labels

Since first opening at a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont, Ben & Jerry’s has been scooping goodness for over 30 years.  For its first two decades, the company was also a model for corporate social responsibility before CSR became a fashionable buzzword.  In 2000, howls of protest erupted when the Dutch-British conglomerate Unilever purchased … Continued

Groom Energy Rides Energy Efficiency Boom, Scores Patent

Clean technology often focuses on exotic and exciting renewable energy solutions. Such attention is only natural as many young companies are in the race to wean the United States off of imported fossil fuels. But whether we like it or not, those same fuels will part of our energy mix for a long time, and … Continued